4 Tips for Writing a Super Compelling Post

tightropeThe rise of blogging has been a very personal one. It's filled a very voyeuristic void and provided a sense of community where there was none. However gratifying that is for bloggers who pursue their sites as a labor of love, today the blogosphere has become highly competitive. Those who want to make it to the top have to learn how to develop compelling content.

The good news is, blogger's don't have to reinvent the wheel. We can borrow practices from the traditional media and apply them to the web. Of course the mediums are not a one-to-one copy of each other, it's best to pull from where you need to in order to create something meaningful to your readers.

Know the difference between a story and a perspective

A story is a recounted sequence of events. A perspective is the way that story appears to the writer.

Bloggers have been advised to write from their perspective. In general this is good advice, as it helps to develop a voice. On the flipside, perspectives are like opinions, everyone has one. That's why it's always important to focus on the story. Everyone writes from their point of view, so the presence of your perspective is inevitable,  but it's important to realize that the story isn't about your perspective. Even if it is something that happened to you.

Would a complete stranger care?

Your readers love you. That's why they come to your site. However, don't take this love for granted. As you would for a complete stranger, to give them a reason to come back, you need to deliver content they care about.

Look at the stories you really care about. Not just like, or not just what everyone else likes… but what you really care about. What do these stories have in common? What is the structure of the story like? Take that information and incorporate that into your posting style. Do you get a lot out of list posts? Write them. Are you really intrigued by hard facts in the articles you read? Make sure you have them in your posts. Do you like personal stories that share a lesson? Write your own. The possibilities are endless!

What do you want people to walk away with?

If you don't know what people will take away from your story, they won't either. People get confused easily, so the clearer you are, the better. Often times I like to put my point in a Tweet (and don't publish) and work from there, building the post around my point.

Figuring out what you want your readers to take from your site is an important part of developing the purpose of your site. At IFB, my goal is to help people blog, therefore the takeaway from (most) of my posts should be about how it will help people blog. Every time I post, I put forth my point, and ask the question, “How does this help people blog?” This can be done on any topic, and work throughout your branding as well.

Give real examples, and give as many examples as possible.

If you're going to make a case, you need examples. This year, many people said bangs were going to be a trend again. Which is fair enough… but it wasn't until Beyonce and Michelle Obama got bangs, we had pretty compelling evidence of a trend. I love intuition and speculation, but in order to get people on your side, you have to give them a reason. Providing as many real examples as possible will help support your argument. If they don't exist quite yet, go out and search for them… you'll make an even more compelling story!

What are some tips you have to making your posts compelling?


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10 Responses

  1. tiffany

    I’ve heard this a lot. I am thinking about tailoring my blog more towards daily life and my fashion to draw more people in. I was doing more of copy + paste photos from google because I am not yet at my target weight but maybe expressing myself about that would draw in some interested readers! Something difficult but a must try! Thank you for the article!

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  2. Esa

    I agree with the “give real examples” tip, specially if your blog is about trends, fashion advice and beauty showoffs. Thanks for the article, very refreshing, I get sometimes lost between routine.

  3. Suzy Smith

    Great post. I’ve been trying to come up with a clear vision for my blog and asking myself, “What do I want people to walk away with,” really helps! Thanks!

  4. Donna

    I totally agree about examples. People love visuals. I try to always put some kind of photos in my posts.
    I also agree with knowing what point you want to make when you write. I know why I started my blog, and I almost always know what point I’m trying to make. It may help that I majored in Communications.
    Still, it always helps to read posts like this for reminders.

  5. Zelda

    I like this advice. I feel like blogging and tweeting have this reputation of being stream of consciousness, “what do I feel today?” But that’s not true for the blogs that I return to, favorite, or add to RSS. I am going to try out some of these suggestions.

  6. Nadya Helena

    The blogs that take my attention the most are not the ones who simply share OOTD or their great finds, but more like something that brings freshness and pleasing to the eye, or maybe provides interesting facts or even opinions.

    I always love a good writing style, a blog that can present a story without making it sound boring or over the top. I always strive for these qualities myself. I do in my blog what I want to see in other people’s blog. This has improved my blog so much in terms of quality (in my own opinion of course)

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  7. Daven Fitzhume

    The blog I’ve created lacks direction. Your artticle has provided a starting point towards structuring my blog in an elegant manner to allow me to dominate my space. Thank you!

  8. Tienda de Moda Fashoop

    Good article, I´ll just add some more to enrich the content and improve the navigability of the post like:
    =>Include a list (google likes this)
    =>Original images o with any other modification
    =>Try to put an intro with the points to talk about in the post
    =>and always end with a CTA on each post
    Thanks for sharing