Blog This Now: It’s Time To Talk About Spring Trends!


This is kind of a funny time of year for fashion – albeit a crazy one. We're deep in the throws of winter, looking at the fall collections, and everything in the retail shops – not to mention print magazines – is focused on spring.

Where's a blogger supposed to turn? What's a blogger to blog about?

Many of us have been pulling our hair out trying to stay on top of blogging and social media-ing (as I like to call it) about the Fall/Winter 2013 shows, but fashion blogging (especially of the personal style variety) is a “buy now, wear now” platform – and that's important to remember for your business.

Look forward — towards spring!

Why now?


In Erika Miller's SEO workshop at IFBcon, she mentioned that it's really important to get a jump on seasonal content – before the actual season. If you want to give your posts the best chance of being picked up by search engines, now is the time! Use your seasonal keywords, too. Not sure where to start? Use Google Trends or try typing “Spring trends” or “spring fashion” and see what Google fills in – it'll give you a good place to start.

And how?


Go back through the SS13 collections and call out trends.

(It feels like so long ago now, doesn't it?) Personally, I'd already forgotten the best looks and collections I saw last season – so I'll definitely have to revisit online galleries and spend some time drawing out the silhouettes, colors and fabrics that made multiple runway appearances. (As a rule, remember 3 or more makes a trend!)

Translate those trends to items you can find in stores and online now.

Shop, shop, shop! No, of course you don't have to buy (at least not everything), but take stock of what you see at your favorite local boutiques, department stores and online shops. Maybe there's a consignment or vintage store in your neighborhood with vintage pieces that echo spring's mood, or a favorite independent designer who's using hot colors. You don't have to go mass-market to be on trend, you just have to be a savvy window (Internet window) shopper.

Create content that integrates runway trends and current pieces.

Whether your niche is beauty, budget, high-fashion, everyday or vintage – you can create content now that will get your readers excited for the months to come. If you live somewhere freezing, what about travel ideas? What spring beauty trends can we try now, even with scarves and mittens on? You could make a collage or Polyvore set that calls out easy-to-imitate pieces from a favorite runway look, or create your own shop-your-closet video tutorial.

 You can also create content that focuses solely on runway looks – but here's a little food for thought: If you're itching to update your closet with a few new key pieces for spring – your readers probably are as well. This time can be as inspiring of a shopping season as the pre-holiday rush – so tap into that behavior by using your affiliate program when it fits.

Spring is the season of renewal. As it approaches, renew your invigoration for your content, renew your commitment to quality, and renew your sense of joy in blogging. These doldrums of winter can really get us down (Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?) so a splash of color or a breath of life on your blog could be just the ticket for a boost in energy and traffic.

Whatever you do, just don't say florals are in for spring. Florals are always in for spring. Ask Miranda Priestly.



[Image credit: Shutterstock; Marc Jacobs SS13; .gif credit]

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11 Responses

  1. Hope Howland

    This is so great! I was just thinking about this line from The Devil Wears Prada! Just happened to write about H&M spring collection that I’m loving right now… all the olive green and blush pink, oh I’m in love!

  2. Filipa

    Great article! I’m already preparing myself for the spring, I bought a few new clothes and wrote a spring outfit inspiration post.
    I might probably write a post about a spring collection as well. Will see 🙂

    Filipa from

  3. Sheyla

    Great post and finish. I agree that the best way to make a spring trend post is by translating runway trends into affordable pieces. These type of blog posts are happily welcomed by readers and have staying power.

  4. Jayvee

    I guess I’m definitely on the right track then. While making my editorial calendar in January,I already outlined the “mini-trend/details” that I wanted to post for the next few months. Now I am slowly and carefully editing them one by one to be distributed in the next following weeks.

  5. grace

    Spring Trends..

    Seriously, the trends seems to move on so fast lately, it’s kinda overwhelming.
    I wonder if the fashion creator is in critical state searching for new things that haven’t been done recently to keep the freshness.

  6. Luke Sutton

    Great post!

    I’m a personal stylist and it’s important for me to blog about what’s hot now, not seasons ahead.

    I have featured ‘florals’ as a Spring/Summer ’13 Fashion trend, but I couldn’t agree more that they really aren’t –just a popular choice at this time of year, every year!

    _Luke x

  7. kiran

    why there is not springs colors in the dresses, these all are in black. As spring collections always have soothing colors