Daily Inspriation: Life is like a Bicycle…


When things get crazy and life gets out of balance, it's natural to want to just stop. Maybe even hide. But the reality is life keeps moving, with or without us.

It's important to slow down when things get crazy, but in order to keep balanced, it's also important to keep moving. Maybe change directions? Or don't try to pedal up that steep hill? When you're moving, at the very least new opportunities pop up.  You never know what you might discover that will get your balance back.

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4 Responses

  1. Bike Pretty

    I love this!
    In fact, I was feeling uninspired with my blog this week. And then I realized that I wasn’t pushing my limits.
    So I challenged myself to do more outfit-of-the-day shots and another DIY. I feel reinvigorated.

    Thanks for the inspiration!