Pinterest Kicks Ass at NYFW’s Social Media Coverage [Infographic]

oscarIn my post, “Do Your Reader's Care About Fashion Week?” a few of the commentors noted how they've been creating Pinterest boards instead of covering on their blogs. Well, apparently, 91% of those who covered social media on New York Fashion week did the same thing.

Y.M. Ousely, the brains behind the Style 99 rankings, tracked all of NYFW's social media coverage totaling over 412,000 interactions. Yesterday released  the Runway Rankings report based on these interactions, making Oscar de la Renta, 3.1 Philip Lim and Prabal Gurung the top three most-shared fashion shows this season.

Some other things have changed as well, a few years ago, Twitter dominated blogger's coverage of Fashion Week, but in 2013, Pinterest overshadowed all other social media platforms:

  • Pinterest dominated and had 10x as many actions as Facebook and Twitter combined.
  • Oscar de la Renta's show was shared more than any other designer, and he had more looks in the Top 50 than anyone else.
  • As far as color trends (not on the infographic), reds, light grays, black and the occasional dress in emerald green topped the most shared list as far as looks.

Perhaps people care about Fashion Week after all? Perhaps now, they just crave something they can engage with and make their own?


Info graphic courtesy of Signature9 Runway Report, and Oscar de la Renta on Oscar PR Girl's Pinterest Board.

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  1. grace

    Nice post! love pinterest, it’s just so easy and simple. Like Tumblr, even better!