Daily Inspiration: If We Wait Until We Are Ready…


Have you ever put something off because you weren't “ready?” If you haven't, I'd like to meet you!

Many times people talk about starting a blog. They say they would like to do it, but keep putting it off. The content isn't figured out. What do you write about? Not sure about the direction. After taking a photography class. Don't know “computers well enough.”  The list of reasons not to start can go on and on… The truth is no one is ever really ready, we just have to take a leap of faith and start.

I put off starting a blog for seven years for those reason listed above. Seven years. Even when I started in 2007, I didn't know anything about what I was doing when I started blogging. But once I started, I was able to build experience and knowledge. The truth is, we all have to begin somewhere, and most of us suck when we start. We make mistakes, we flounder, we get lost. But without those mistakes we don't get to learn how to be awesome. And that's the truth.

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  1. Kajsa J. Andersen

    Oh yes this sounds familiar. Occasionally fear kicks in, and takes control. For reasons unknown.
    Lesson learned: Dive into the unknown is sometimes necessary. I actually bought a notebook where it said on the cover: Happiness is a form of courage. (Holbrook Jackson). I am beginning to grasp the meaning. In order to be happy, you gotta have courage to do the unknown.
    xoxo KJ

  2. Kory

    I definitely agree with this. I have so many friends who want to start blogs, but they don’t have the time or don’t know what to write about. It’s inspiring me though to possibly do a workshop on starting a blog to hopefully get them (and others) in gear on doing something they’ve always wanted to try!

  3. Trisha Trixie

    I live my life by leaping. I jump when sometimes I have no lue if there is water in the pool. I am currently trying to launch a fashion line for Vintage Inspired aprons and ReConstructed fashions. I only have a few pieces done. I have drawings. Others said I should wait.

    But I didn’t. I used social media to connect with companies I thought might be interested. I tweeted them, they tweeted back, I emailed them, they emailed back. Some said no. Some gave me suggestions. Some have not gotten back to me yet.

    I could have waited, sure…but where will that get me. I need to start reaching out. And so I have.

    Also, I reached out to a local site here in Des Moines called http://www.desmoineisnotboring.com right before I left for IFBCON and wanted to know if he would be interested in a story about the con. Not only did he want that but asked me to be their resident, local Fashion Blogger.

    As you read from Kiley “Sequin Dress at Breakfast” being a blogger can help your dream and she used to write for them too (a fact I didn’t know until later)

    Now I and another writer write for my blog and I write more local stories for Des Moines is Not Boring showcasing stores and events etc around town.

    I also am a Pin Up Model so this helps me Two-fold in my modeling career, launching my name and launching my business. I am gaining recognition online, around town and reaching for my dreams.

    I could wait, sure…but then again…I have a motto…”Life is too short not to be lived” as well those who know me will say it is true.

    Stop waiting and start leaping

  4. Emily Friday

    Oh this is such a good post, and exactly what I needed to hear!!

    I couldn’t agree more – I can’t even count the number of times I’ve given up with stuff or put things off because I thought I wasn’t ‘ready’. And to tell you the truth, it’s those things that I never tried I constantly regret!

    If we never even try to do things, how will we know whether we’re ready or not?
    We probably already are ready, every single one of us. We just don’t know it yet. 🙂

    Emily x