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After writing my two cents on Covering Fashion Week: How to Do it in Your Way, and reading Jennine's post, Do Your Readers Care About Fashion Week?, I was thinking that all signs point to it being the perfect time to look to the IFB Community and spotlight some posts that are truly exemplary to a category of coverage that can become rather staid and routine (and I am certainly guilty of this too!).  What brought these particular six posts to the forefront include the originality of the content, amazing images, layout, and point of view. By no way is this an exhaustive list, so if you have fashion week coverage that is truly exceptional, post your link in the comments section.

The Blog: Miss Whoever You Are

The Post: a day in the life of: julia murphree, director of social media and digital communications at maybelline

What Makes it Memorable: There are a series of ‘a day in the life' posts from fashion week, and I find these amazing because: 1) they are really in-depth and real, and don't spare any of the details of a true day in the life; 2) the font for these posts has been adjusted to more of a hand-written, “dear diary” style, which perfectly sets the mood; 3)It attests to the great relationships that Miss Whoever You Are has with brands to be able to get directors at the brand to write these, let alone, during the busiest time of the year!


The Post: NYFW Nail Art

The Blog: Sorrelle in Style

What Makes it Memorable: There are a few incredible things happening in this post: 1) apparently incredibly skilled at nail art (I mean, look at that Rebecca Minkoff-inspired camo-nail!), this blog went a big step beyond telling readers about the shows, but actually doing something creative and interpretative across the mediums of fashion and beauty 2) the collages and nail art photos show the detail clearly 3)look at the date on the post, February 9th; they did these and got this live on the site in a heartbeat – kudos!


The Post: NY Fashion Week: Mara Hoffman Fall 2013

The Blog: Ms. FABulous

What Makes it Memorable: The show reviews from this site are incredibly eloquent and well-written, making known that the author has a wealth of fashion industry knowledge, yet shares it in an approachable manner. Regardless, she doesn't wax poetic, and still maintains a brief post with nice, original photography.


The Post: New York Fashion Week 2013: Important Shows to Have in Mind for Fashion Week

The Blog: From: Run-Way To: Style

What Makes it Memorable: For readers who may not know the ins and outs of all of the brands showing, the concept of this post is straightforward and condenses New York Fashion Week to its essence, regarding what to get excited about, look for, and even critique, as with the vast majority of shows no livestreamed, any one can become a critic.


The Post: Some Kind of Romance

The Blog: Ann Street Studio

What Makes it Memorable: With the tiniest bit of text, this post lets the images do the talking, which, as the title aptly states, bring forth a certifiable sense of romance thanks to the eye for detail and photographic skills. I've seen plenty of bloggers take their own photos from shows, and the focus on details and artful adjusting of the settings to create the perfect, vivid photographers doesn't go unnoticed, and making me rapt with attention to pour over every pic, even though I've already seen this collection. Plus, it proves that with a great zoom lens, you can get really great images, even if you aren't in the front row, as the last pic shows.


The Post: {NYFW AW13} a round up of more favorites…

The Blog: Shut Up, I Love That Shirt on You

What Makes it Memorable: The text is kept super brief, which is essential to capturing and maintaining attention since the post itself covers a handful of designers. Even though the subject of this post is fashion-week related, the voice and style is consistent with the site, and there is a beautiful symmetry to the imagery, not only in layout form, but also in the curated selection of photos from each show.


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