Daily Inspiration: Trust Your Guts



This saying has been around for a very long time. Yet oddly enough, myself included… tend to ignore this advice in favor of “evidence” and “logic.”

Have you ever thought, “I don't know why, but I know I'm right.” And then went and did the opposite because of the facts? And then the facts turned out to be wrong, and you were right, and saying…”Why didn't I go with my intuition?”

It happens all the time. So try to have more faith in yourself, and go with your inner voice. It'll be right more than you think.

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2 Responses

  1. Sandra Costa

    if you had written this yesterday, or at least if i had seen it yesterday, i wouldn’t have done the most stupid thing i’ve ever done in life, that was leaving the fashion design college i was sellected for to an advertising college. i feel so terrible, this is something that can’t be undone, and fashion design is something i always dreamt about. i can’t explain what made me change my mind at that point, all i know my heart was telling me one thing and my head another thing. so sad i am right now. anyway, the words you wrote are great. i’ll try to have more faith in myself now.

  2. Kim Knight Perez

    As someone who is going through a major career change right now, this could not speak to me more. Thanks for posting!!!