Give Yourself Some Credit: Bloggers Do It All


I've touched on this lightly before, but it's something that I think bears repeating. All the time. Daily. Every few hours, even. Independent fashion bloggers (that's you guys) are amazing. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in doing what we do, that we forget to acknowledge just what that is, exactly. We get lumped under that “blogger” umbrella that can invite stereotyping, judgement, and dismissal – and while yes, technically, we are bloggers, that label can actually mean so much more than it implies.

Maybe you didn't know it at first, but by choosing to start a blog and really put some (very chic) muscle into it, you've taken on more than just a self-published web site. Depending on what you blog is about, and whether you share any of the responsibilities of running it with partners or clients, you are probably, on any given day, serving as no less than eight of these roles:

  • CEO & Founder: At the end of the day, every decision about your site comes down to you. What you want, your vision, your mission: it's up to you to maintain the direction and the standards you've established.
  • Creative Director: The artistic direction, the visuals and graphic design – this is all decided by you.
  • Editor-in-Chief: You decide the editorial direction of your blog, making decisions about what to cover and when, how often to publish, the tough calls and big ideas all come from you.
  • Staff writer / fact-checker / copy editor: Writing, editing, re-writing, and editing again – you do all that. You come up with the stories, you get the info, you cite your sources and double-check your links. Each little detail is your responsibility.
  • Stylist: Each outfit, each story, each photo feature, you're deciding how it looks. Whether it's fashion or interiors, DIY projects or editorial-style shoots, styling gives your content it's unique flair.
  • Photographer: From learning the ropes of a DSLR to posting Instagrams, you're behind the lens as often as you're in front of it. And who does the editing after each shoot? That's probably you, too.
  • Model / brand ambassador: Especially if you're a personal style blogger (and even if you're not), your personality and your image are part of your business.
  • PR & Marketing team: Taking your site from an online diary to an influential publication involves engaging public relations and marketing strategies. You're pitching yourself, fielding opportunities and deciding with whom you want to align yourself and your site.
  • Social media & community manager: Across multiple platforms and at all hours, you're the social media command center for your blog. Replying to tweets and pinning images, engaging with your peers and chatting with your followers, it's up to you to create, manage and nurture the relationships you want.
  • Administrative assistant: All the nitty-gritty? That's you as well. Organizing your editorial calendar, sourcing products and managing your finances, these are the tedious but essential tasks you all take on to keep the business of your blog running smoothly.
  • Graphic designer: From your header image to color scheme, template or layout design, you make the creative decisions and execute them to give your site the personalized and professional design elements you want.
  • IT department: Coding issues? Intalling Google Analytics? I bet you handle that. What about your server? Are you on While you may have to call in for reinforcements to solve major issues, you handle the day-to-day technical issues with your blog.
  • Unpaid intern: Yep. When you're first getting started, your blog might not be profitable. You're working and learning to gain experience and make connections above anything else. The next steps, the growth, the promotions, they come with time and hard work. We've all been there!


Have you ever stopped to think about your site this way? All the different hats you wear as a blogger? And people wonder why brands want to work with bloggers. We are each a full-service package deal with a lot to offer. As multi-talented and multi-tasking creative entrepreneurs – we should remember to pat ourselves on the back every now and then. Do we do it all perfectly? Of course not, no one does. We learn as we go along, we delegate what we need help with, and we grow and adapt with our sites. It takes patience, a willingness to fail and to learn,

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  1. Barbara

    Reading this post, I had to give myself a mental pat on the back.
    We really do it all and for those of us who also wear other hats, in addition to this we are:
    – Client Service manager
    – Digital marketing manager
    – Professional makeup artist
    – Beauty branding consultant
    – Creative Director for my beauty shoots
    Omigosh, I do need to congratulate myself indeed, lol.

    Thanks for this Taylor. It does make us realise how much depends on us remaining strong at all times and also being able to make the right decisions and think in the right direction.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Pia

    Wow great article, never really thought about all of this. This definitely makes me feel a little better about myself! A blog is a lot of work and often one with very little acknowledgement.
    Now do you think I can fit all of this onto my Resume?? : )


  3. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    This is so true, I sometimes wonder how I’m going to get it all down. I truly believe in working with other people to make things even better, but when it comes to my blog it’s my passion and it’s hard to convince people to join your creative vision if there’s no money involved. Thankfully I have a pocket of people surrounding me who are nothing but supportive, but I wonder how I did it before I met them!

  4. Sara

    I so needed to read this! Excellent post! Going to keep this in mind when I’m feeling down on everything that needs to be done, improved!

  5. Rachel

    I was actually talking about this with my Mum the other day, and telling her how some big bloggers I read have Interns. We then realised, jokingly that I do have an unpaid intern – her! He checks my copy and when I’m in the country acts as my outfit post photographer, and is a lot of a time a creative sounding board. While we do most of these things ourselves as bloggers, we need to acknowledge our friends and family who we would not be able to blog without either!

  6. Lee Anne

    Bloggers really do need to realize this! Dedicated bloggers are some of the hardest working people out there! Great Post 🙂 Have you ladies heard of the new social media site- Kumbuya? You should join the Fashion Blogger Tribe! It’s going to be a great community for sharing info regarding content, photography, marketing, monetizing, and more! Hey sometimes we just need a support community of other bloggers who understand what we are going through!!

    Lee Anne

  7. Apple

    This article is so timely! I just posted something yesterday that justifies if not explains why bloggers are labelled as EGO-Bloggers now. WHo know by tomorrow or the next day, we will be labeled differently. But regardless of what we are called, it does include hardwork to start a blog and maintain it.

    Thumbs up for this article!

    Check my blog on this here


  8. Kelly Grothe

    I love this article, mostly because I just started blogging and this made me realize some of the things my blog may be missing! I’m sooo inspired by the rest of the blogging community out there and I love the creativity and dedication I’ve seen in so many!

  9. Miss Assay

    This article has made me realise that all the hard work I’m putting in will be recognised. Thank you 🙂

    Brighton, UK

  10. Daria Burkova

    Does really a talent need all these? I do not think so. Blog is like a small business and more you do yourself more you’ll get in the back! I find it really important to do much you can.

  11. Christina Zayas

    Great post! Just one gentle correction: “what you blog is about” should be “what your blog is about”

    Loved it and thanks for the reminder of recognition 🙂

  12. RIch Girl

    Wow! Thank you so much for this article, Taylor! I love how you call us (bloggers) – multi-talented and multi-tasking creative entrepreneurs! This is so true, although sometime we forget about that and become frustrated if something doesn’t go as smoothly as we planned.



    Thanks for the list and the reassurance, Taylor. I often feel like I am wearing so many hats, and i’m fine with that since I’m a multi-tacker. But I had no idea of all of this when one day I decided to start a blog. It is a full-time, unpaid (so far!) job, done with passion!