IFB Project #85: Where do you blog?


This week Marissa Meyer made news by ending telecommuting at Yahoo! People were upset, they said she was draconian, or at the very least wrong. But a number of people spoke up about the virtues of working in an office.

It comes at a strange time in my life as well. My husband had to stop working from home to move up in his career and started working in an office again this week. In the process it meant moving across a country, now I am working from home after working in an office for the last few years. Part of me loved working in an office with others, but also as a blogger, I felt more focused on socializing online working from home… which is what bloggers do. Besides, working from home allows room for upcoming changes in my life, namely a baby due in a few months.

Whether you believe in working from home or at an office is best… Everyone works differently, and while some people have to find a cafe, to be around people, or they need a quiet room to concentrate. Some blog from home in their pajamas in bed, others have created a beautiful Pinterest-worthy home office.

So, this week's project is to share where you blog from. Where are you most creative? Behind the perfect outfits and darling heels, where does the real work happen?  Create and submit your post below by Wednesday morning, March 6th. Please ad a link to this post in your submission!


[Image found on one of those “Office” Pinterest boards. ]

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12 Responses

  1. janika R

    I feel working the best when I have the freedom to chose the place of my work, schedule on my own but still working as per the set deadlines..


  2. Carrie Barth

    I work full-time, I serve on a board, I have a husband and two kids who have activities, so I blog wherever I can. Many times its on our kitchen island while making dinner, or in bed before I go to sleep, or on the sofa with everyone watching tv, and last night it was at my daughter’s basketball practice. Regardless of where it is, I always enjoy it!!!

  3. Donna

    Ooh this is a difficult one – It varies hugely. I agree with Janika R. I love working in my cozy bedroom as it has an alcove where I have a big/long desk and my computer and a little window. I have a cork board where I’ve pinned magazine articles and pictures. I am in here when I have lots to do and don’t want to be distracted. The bed is behind me and I can spread out all my papers which is handy. Sometimes I like to lie on the bed and write notes and other times I’m happy sitting downstairs at the living room table watching the world go by as I can see out into the high street and enjoy a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake – but not much work gets done there! Sometimes I’m surrounded by 4 screaming kids as I do childcare 3 days per week and from the sofa I can catch up with my social media activities. I never work in my pj’s and always make the effort to be dressed and wear some makeup if working from home and it gets me into that work mood.


  4. Donna

    I’ve clicked on 4 of 5 possible links so far, and none of the blog posts have anything to do with where they blog from. What’s up with that??? Are people just putting a link in to get page views, without bothering to write an appropriate post? I might click your link, but as soon as I see that your post has nothing to do with the project, I leave. Take the time to actually do the project, people!

    • Shameem Guilliano

      I agree! I was annoyed to see hardly any of the links were relevant, but like you, I just exit the blog the second I see it has nothing to do with the Project!