Daily Inspiration: We Are What We Pretend To Be…


The first half of this quote we have heard quite often, “We are who we pretend to be.” Not so much exactly, but in other ways, like how we're defined by our actions, or “fake it 'til you make it.”  The self-help industry is based off of loads of advice telling us to control our actions by choosing who we want to be.

But what if the person we want to be isn't the right person? I think of today, how we want to be needed and liked, so we overload their lives with activities and busywork. We are pretending to be busy. Which might be good for some people, but what about taking time to relax, to stop and smell the roses. To spend time with people near and dear? What about building real relationships?

It's fantastic that we as humans have the ability to shape our experiences by pretending, and making conscious choices… but at the same time we must be careful of who we pretend to be. If the goal is to be happy and fulfilled, maybe the path that everyone else is taking isn't right for us.  Just a thought.

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  1. FoxyOxieSupernova

    Very good thought indeed, especially the part about building real relationships. I’ve been thinking about this topic lately after I came across a particular quote. The original quote was in Russian, but my loose translation of it is this: “If you want to maintain some sort of relationship with a person, do not call them out on their lies.” Forces you to think, doesn’t it?

    I feel like this is what majority of our relationships are these days – these shallow, superficial, on-the-surface interactions where there is a mutual, unspoken agreement that there is no longer a need for genuine interaction, genuine conversation, genuine feelings. Where have all the honest, authentic and real people gone?!

    As you can see, I’m quite passionate about it. I could discuss this topic for hours. But I’ll refrain here. 🙂 Just glad to know I’m not the only person questioning the “norm.” XOXO


  2. Kelsey Elisabeth Benedict

    Exactly! A lot of pretending that we do is unneccessary and harmful to our lives.


    Speaking of real relationships, I’ve also been thinking about it lately. It makes me think that being fake is fashionable these days! People aren’t sincere any more and it really makes me angry! I used to think friends are supposed to be honest with each other but when I look at those around me I see that people are pretending most of the time. I actually miss my school days when the world was a better place. Or maybe I thought so. Nowadays everyone is into their own thing, rushing somewhere and thinking that they’re living a life. No, I think they’re not. They’re losing whatever of life they previously had.