The Pros of Covering Your Local Fashion Week


Over New York Fashion Week!

This week begins the fifth season of NOLA Fashion Week. While I've never been to New York Fashion Week, I imagine I'd go into both with the same mixture of feelings: excitement and premature exhaustion!

Luckily for me, NOLAFW is a way to get my feet wet on fashion week: one week long with 3-4 shows per evening.  There's no airfare or hotel costs, and it'll be manageable with my full-time job.

Covering your local fashion week has some advantages over just jumping into New York Fashion Week:

  • Less pressure, less stress. Chances are, your local fashion week won't be nearly so large and spread out as NYFW. Which means fewer shows, less stress, and a greater chance to enjoy the whole experience.  No worries about catching a cab to the next show! Just immersing yourself in fashion.
  • A chance to network with your local fashion insiders.  Local fashion weeks are a great time to meet your local designers, fellow bloggers, and the people in the city who care about fashion. Your people: in one spot. Use it as an opportunity to network offline — it's just as important as promoting your site online. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards!
  • Covering shows, designers, and events that give you a unique angle.  As Jennine mentioned, many readers don't care about NYFW. All of the major fashion houses and designers have a live stream of their show, with high resolution images on But LA Fashion Week? NOLA Fashion Week? Miami Fashion Week? These designers and this experiences is foreign to your readers.  And your readers may respond to discovering new, relatively unknown talents.
  • Supporting your local industries and economy. I'm a HUGE fan of supporting local businesses and economies.  Attending your local fashion week helps support local entrepreneurs.  Each venue is rented, lights are installed, seats are put in– and that's all money in the local economy.  The response to designers determines whether anyone buys and stocks their garments, helping support local artisans and their dreams.  All in all? Sounds like a good way to show pride for your city.

Maybe you don't have a local fashion week– that doesn't mean you can't see whether your nearest metro hub isn't hosting one! In this case, you may have some small travel expenses, but it won't be nearly the chaos and circus that traveling to NYFW can be.

Have you ever attended a local fashion week? What was your experience like?

Since this is my first one, can you think of any pros to covering local fashion weeks that I may have forgotten?

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13 Responses

  1. The Lingerie Lesbian

    As a lingerie blogger, covering Lingerie Fashion Week was a wonderful experience. I admit, it actually didn’t get as much traction on my blog as some of my more personal posts, but it was a great way to get an insider look and connect with other people with the same interests. It happened right after NYFW, but even the few shows were totally different and a bit of a breath of fresh air, even to those burnt out on NYFW.

  2. Erica B.

    Just last week, I had the opportunity to cover Birmingham Fashion Week. Project Runway’s Joshua McKinley and Anthony Ryan Auld showed here and I do believe NOLAFW is their next stop. This was a great opportunity to get my feet wet as I’ve never had the chance to cover NYFW.

  3. Tasha

    I think covering your local fashion is a great experience that most blogger miss out on. So do people of the town. Its great to network and meet new people. Also get your feet wet at supporting local. I was just thinking about how I wanted to attend Nola fashion week. Maybe next year.

  4. Sydney Chicoine

    I’m in talks with contacts from Atlanta International Fashion Week to get press passes for events and shows this summer. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to go and cover it all on my blog, It’d be such a fun opportunity!

  5. Shug Avery

    I have just sent a mail to participate to the local fashion week of the region where I live in Italy. Fingers crossed for me, I really hope I’ll be able to go.
    This article really comes handy since I never participated to this kind of event before. I am not italian, it will also give me an occasion to learn more about the local fashion industry in this country.

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  6. Whitney

    Richmond Fashion Week helped me gain followers on my blogs, Twitter, and increase readers to my Facebook page. Win win!

  7. Naa Adjeley konney

    i covered Ghana fashion week last year, it was my first time and i was very excited , however i had some few problems that i learnt from , not to be repeated this year, but covering local fashion weeks is a good start to the bigger ones

    • caroline spiers

      Hi Naa, I wondered if you could say what the mistakes were/what you learnt, as it would be useful to me – I’m about to go to my local fashion festival’s opening night in Melbourne! thanks

  8. Painthead

    I agree. Supporting local artist and designer is a must, especially if you would one day want that support for yourself. I recently attended Fashion Week in my home town PHILADELPHIA . I was very proud of my city and I sure did meet a lot of people and I am currently in contact with two of the feature designers.

    One thing I would advise is go to the events website and try to get a “Press Pass”
    For Philly’s fashion week the general public was able to purchase tickets for the event, but since I went as press, I went through the VIP and did not have to wait in line to check in. Also we know it’s fashion, but still be respestful with time. If it is stated that a show starts at 3pm, be there on time. Even if the shows starts late, alt least you are there. Enjoy it all, and stay for the whole event.

    Here is the link to my posting:

    Hope this is helpful,
    Painthead oxox