IFB Project #86: What’s Your Hair Inspiration? #FekkaiTouch

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. For me, it’s been the source of my neurosis. My hair is fine, but frizzy, not curly and not straight, not even wavy! I’ve spent countless dollars and hours over the years, straightening, perming, coloring, conditioning, blow outs, curlers… you name it, I’ve done it. Turns out, right now, it just needs a large round brush and a good hair dryer to make is presentable. Who knew, right?

Because of my obsession/neurosis with my hair, one of the things I love to do is save photos of how I would like my hair to be. For my next haircut, color, or just for inspiration of how to style it. Judging by the hair boards on Pinterest, I’m not alone. So this week’s project we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with Frederic Fekkai. Inspired by the Fekkai Touch, they believe that by pampering your hair with luxurious scents, textures and ingredients you can achieve your most confident-looking, “I feel beautiful” hair. To me, its having natural, touchable, effortless hair.



Win a haircut, blowout & Fekkai products!

We want YOUR interpretation of the Fekkai Touch! Create a trend board that expresses what the “Fekkai Touch” means to you.

You can use visuals and/or copy in the form of a blog post. Please link back to www.Fekkai.com and tag any images with the hashtag #FekkaiTouch for your submission to be considered.

The blogger with the most creative submission will receive:

A complimentary cut and blowout at a local Fekkai salon*

Frederic Fekkai Salon

And… the line of Classic Fekkai products!


*Note: Transportation to or from a Fekkai salon is not included.

Posts are due Wednesday, March 13th. Good luck!


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  1. E-M

    I’m one of those lucky people who have never had to worry about my hair .. They are long, wavy, sometimes straight, sometimes curly – just the way I like it! 🙂 I hope every girl gets to be happy with her hair, one way or another 🙂