Daily Inspiration: Do More of What Makes You Happy


The absolute best medicine for burnout is joy.

Finding happiness in what you do, and finding a way to do more of it.

The truth is, blogging can be tough… it's a lot of work researching, writing, photographing, distributing, promoting… and the list goes on. Getting started and keeping fresh can be overwhelming. I know, after doing this for six years, it's easy to get lost in the motion of getting things done just to get done.

So how do you stay focused? How do you avoid burnout?

Find that thing you love about blogging and do more of it. Are you spending too much time on Twitter and not enough time creating? Are you hustling too much and not focusing on the content of your site?

Whatever it might be, find that thing that gives you joy about blogging and get into it. Make it your primary focus. Do more of what makes you happy.

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    I agree that keeping several social media accounts can get daunting and it robs blogging of its initial joy, so sometimes you do it just for the sake of getting the job done. But then otherwise, driving traffic and keeping followers engaged wouldnt be possible. So here’s a dilemma:) i think it’s ok to do not so enjoyable things if they contribute to the success of our blog/brand/business etc. It’s an inseparable part of the process. Or here’s another thing, try to enjoy even the daunting tasks 🙂 because of their benefits to what we do.


  2. KimberlyLove

    I had to take my own break from blogging, well work in general. It completely burnt me out. I slept all day and it was the best day ever!

    Kimberly Love.net