10 Responsive Themes for Fashion Bloggers


The future is now, and it's mobile. Getting mobile sites designed can be a pain in the you-know-what, and luckily we can create mobile versions of our sites on WordPress by installing a what's called a “responsive theme.” Responsive themes will resize to whatever device they the site is being viewed on. So when your readers access your site on the mobile phone or iPad, they won't have to pinch and zoom. That's big news because most readers bounce out if your site is too hard to use on a mobile device.

I've been seeing a lot of “responsive theme” posts around, but they all tend to be more for the magazine or service oriented blogs. With fashion blogging, there is a very particular way readers like to peruse the sites. They love big photos, they'll scroll through the blog looking for their favorite looks and they won't spend too much time trying to figure out what's what, so you have to be relatively simple, but super glamorous.

Here I've selected a few themes that will work in the fashion blogging vertical. Sure, they will need to be tweaked to fit your brand, but they're relatively minimal, and are up to date when it comes to the back-end, giving your readers more options on where they can read your blog.

1. Retro Portfolio $35

Probably better for vintage bloggers, but it's possible to update the typography if you're handy with CSS and code. What I like about this is the flexibility of formats along with the sticky navigation, which always stays on the screen when you scroll. This makes for easier navigation, along with stronger branding opportunities.


2. Pocket $35

Ultra minimal, clean typography, this theme is great for photos and minimal text. pocket

3. Focus $49

For those who have a bit of content and want to give a magazine feel… this theme has a slider on the front page, links in the header, nice area for your logo, along with other great little areas to get more content above the fold. I think it's a great theme for sites with multiple contributors.


 4. Explosion $35

This theme is quite versatile, as well as graphic. But what I like most about this theme is the front page allows simple slide shows for photos. If you have a personal style post with a lot of pics, there is a nice little navigation that it puts on the images that lets you browse through. Now, your readers won't miss the “after the jump” photos.


5. Diario $35

There are a whole host of WordPress themes mimicking Tumblr. While I'm not sure how I feel about that, it really only matters when it comes to design. This theme is bold, clean, and graphic, giving you plenty of opportunities to build your visual identity.


6. _rite $35

Beautifully minimal, with a navigation menu that hides at certain screen widths (but you can always access by clicking on the icon).


7. Read $35

If you are kickin' it old school, and like the basic of the basic theme, but want the added functionality to get your blog out of the last decade, then Read is perfect for you. On it's surface, it looks like a regular theme, but once you start seeing your site on other formats, you'll notice the navigation changes, and the size fits cozily with any format. read

8. Merchant $70

Perfect for those who are pushing their blogs from personal to professional. This theme has portfolio as well as blog options… but the unique thing about this theme is, that it has ecommerce capabilities , so if you are selling clothes, or whatever, you will love the versatility of this theme!  merchant

9. Currents $70

If your site is more news oriented, or if you're going after pageviews, this theme might be perfect for you. With a slider above the fold, and nice typographic headlines, your readers can easily skim through and find the content they're looking for.


10. Flipflop $70

Say some of your posts are image heavy, and some are text heavy. You will have different needs for the different kinds of posts. Text heavy posts will possibly need columns, and strong typography, image heavy posts will need more space and not have a strong need for columns. The Flipflop theme has the flexibility to accommodate both. With sliders, thumbnails, and loads of options to get more links on the home page, this theme can be the ultimate fashion blogger's dream when it comes to adapting to content.



Do you have recommendations for responsive themes?


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10 Responses

  1. Bisous Natasha

    These all look cool. I bought my theme from Blog Milk ( http://www.blogmilkshop.com/) and I must say they do amazing stuff, though some templates may not be mobile friendly. But you do have the option of switching to desktop view at the bottom. If people are intersted enough in your blog, they will read it ! 😉


  2. Mega R.

    I love these picks, but I noticed that you guys focused soley on paid themes. Is there a reason for that? I imagine that you’d have a more unique blog with a paid theme.

    But for those who aren’t interested in paying for a theme I’d suggest WordPress’s Bueno. I know, I know, it’s very common with bloggers, but there is much room for customization, and it looks great on mobile devices. If you’re interested I can give you some tips on customizing free themes like Bueno and really making them a little more special.

    • Jennine Jacob

      Hi there,

      Bueno is a beautiful theme, and it’s free (and on Woothemes which has support). However, it is not a responsive theme and will not reformat to tablet or smart phones, therefore it would have to go in a different post!

      I don’t think there are any free responsive themes that are reliable. I used to use free themes, but they tended not to get updated and lacked the proper support that premium themes have. I’d rather pay the $35 and get support rather than spend three days trying to figure out code. But that’s just me.

    • Kelsi (@Stylesmith)

      Hey Megyn –

      Origin is a really great free responsive theme from WordPress – we used it for this site: http://losangelesfashioncouncil.org (which I know is a website, not a blog, but the theme functions very well as a blog)

      Also TwentyTwelve – the main WordPress theme for 2012 is responsive, free and highly customizable. We’ve used it for several different sites, including this one: http://thewwdmagicblog.com

      In fact for that one we only made two very slight changes from the original theme, moving the banner above the menu bar and adding a slideshow (the slideshow – is a simple plugin)

      If you search for themes on WordPress you can filter by responsive. Hope that helps!


  3. Mega R.

    Oh I’m sorry, that’s my fault. I thought it was responsive because when I open it on my mobile device the sidebar disappears and the posts fill up the whole screen.

    I can definitely understand that. I’d love to upgrade to a paid theme in the future, but until I can I’ll have make do the free ones 🙂

  4. Blog Origami

    Hi Jennine,

    We just launched our theme shop and specialize in clean, minimal WordPress themes for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. And they’re all responsive! Wanted to add our link to this discussion in case any bloggers want to check us out. Thanks for this fantastic roundup! We definitely struggled to finding the perfect theme for our personal blogs which is why we ended up making our own.