How to Get More Engagement on Twitter [Infographic]


I recently took over the IFB Twitter account, which is different from my personal account, and found that a lot had changed when it comes to using Twitter as a marketing tool for your blog, rather than the water-cooler for your digital breaks.

But alas, not to fret.. there are some really great tips out there when it comes to tweaking personal tweeting to brand tweeting.

BuddyMedia studied 320+ brands and found some interesting information when it comes to getting more engagement on Twitter.

  • Tweets with photos get twice as much engagement.
  • Tweets with ONE or TWO hashtags gets twice as much engagement.
  • Keep it short and sweet, less than 100 characters.

Do you find these tips work with your blog's brand?


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13 Responses

  1. Andria Rivers

    This is right on time! I’ve been researching how to get the most out of twitter lately. I found the spelling out “retweet” instead of “RT” really interesting.

    Indie Punk Goddess

  2. tasha

    I have read this infographic and several others. One also stated PlZRT hashtag got you more engagement. Sometimes you just need to jump into the conversation. Its like double dutch. Once you get in the rope wont hurt you.

  3. Jules

    This is really interesting. I need to engage followers and folks I follow a lot more than I do. I’m thinking about taking a class in social media to help me get past my stuck-ness.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. Seppy

    Very interesting!! I am definitely going to try the ‘retweet’ (instead of RT) ! I also like to scroll through the popular hashtags to see if there are any I can use in a tweet that I am about to post

  5. Sigita

    there is two things about RT. first one, i personally hate when people use it to ask for your retweet because
    1) ir you retweet someone on tweetdeck, it will show RT next to that tweet
    2) if the tweet is short, it just seems, that person did not use any free time to write more than two letters or just don’t know how to write “retweet”, so why should I waste my time and retweet something like that?

    But thank you for this article, i am to opena an accoun t for my blog.

  6. Hermy

    I would have never thought that all of this works. It is a very specific, but well worth the while formula.