How to Move Your Google Reader RSS Feed to Bloglovin’

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News broke on Wednesday that Google Reader would cease to exist on July 1st as part of Google's “Spring Cleaning” initiative. Now, I've been an avid user of Google Reader for years, and afraid to move over my 500 some odd RSS feeds just seemed unfathomable.

Yes, there are other RSS readers that are sexier out there. On my iPhone, I live on Pulse, which is a GREAT app for reading news. However, it functions more like reading the newspaper than for my blog fix. Flipboard I tried a few years ago, but it's updates were wonky, so I stopped checking it.

And then there is Bloglovin‘. I joined around the time it first started. It's been a fantastic traffic driver for IFB and a lot of fashion bloggers. Bloglovin' seemed to cater specifically to our particular niche. However, a girl can't live on fashion blogs alone.

So my RSS experience was compartmentalized. Google Reader for my nerdy tech and marketing blogs, Pulse for the news and pundit stories, and Bloglovin' for fashion.

How to Import Your RSS subscriptions  from Google Reader to Bloglovin'

Yesterday Mattias Swenson (who I believe was giving everyone high-fives around the Bloglovin' office) sent an email about Bloglovin's new two-click RSS import:

First, click here:

Then it will bring you to this page: Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 6.40.13 PM

Click that blue button that says “Import from Google Reader”

You'll have to re-categorize your blogs to how you like them, it just imports all the feeds… but with all the blogs I subscribe to, it only took about 15 minutes.

What's it like reading a load of blogs on Bloglovin'

As much as I loved the simplicity of Google Reader, and the sharing capabilities, it was slow. If some blogger posted twelve 900×1500 pixel photos, it would slow me down, and I would shake my fist at the computer. Getting through my feeds on Bloglovin' was a nicer experience, as you got to see photo, the post title and a snippet of text. They do have their own internal “Liking” system that doesn't really translate to sharing metrics like the Google+ share capability in Google Reader, or the Tweet or Facebook posting ability of Pulse, nor can you email a post directly from Bloglovin', but the time saved scrolling through made it worth it.

I suspect Bloglovin' will have some pressure to come up with easier ways to add in new feeds in other verticals in the coming months. I tried to find The Atlantic  feed, and had to scroll through a bunch of fashion blogs that did not have “The Atlantic” in the title. I found a few columns from the site, but not the main feed.  And hopefully Google Chrome and Firefox will supply us with some easy way to pull the feeds and plant them in our new RSS readers.  Time will tell.

Until then, I think we'll all survive the loss of Google Reader. It was good while it lasted.

In the meantime…

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19 Responses

  1. Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    After seeing Vahni’s post yesterday, I also made the plunge and did the transfer. It was quick and easy, and it’s important to note: while it is fashion focused, you can add and still follow non-fashion blogs on it (luckily I had no problems adding all of my food blogs with no problems).

    Hopefully Bloglovin’ will take the initiate and add feeds to major sites (like the Atlantic) on their own, as I’m sure the desire is there. Since the news about Google Reader broke, I’ve seen a spike in “follows” on Bloglovin’ and I’m sure it’s going to continue for all of us!

  2. Maggie A

    What made me the post happy about this news is the link to transfer the feed. I find that people often share the news but never offer assistance for a resolution.

    *PS I LOVE Bloglovin way more.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  3. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    I subscribe to over a thousand feeds on my Google Reader. Having to re-categorize them is going to be SUCH a pain.

  4. Rachel

    I’ve been feeding politics and newsfeeds into my Bloglovin’ for years. As someone who never used Google Reader, I’ve found this has actually been a really good thing for me as I have found my readers who get to my posts via Bloglovin have been more engaged in my content and spend more time on the site, and they are all now switching to Bloglovin!

  5. Emmy

    I was a big fan of Google Reader until the news came out that it was shutting down on July 1st. However, I just transferred everything to Bloglovin and I’m liking it. Kudos to Bloglovin for making it easy to do this.

  6. Tara

    I agree that Bloglovin needs an update and I’m sure they will react to the change. Thanks for the post and link to transfer over!

  7. Angel Haughton |

    Hi Jennine,

    I think I’m a little confused about the whole RSS feed thing. I know what an RSS feed is, but I was wondering if the death of Google Reader affects Blogger’s Reading List. Will people no longer have a Reading List? I already recommend that people follow my blog on BlogLovin’ (because it’s what I use personally and is really great -the mobile app too). Does Google offer something simiar on Google+? I’ve been trying to find out but can’t conjure up much without a Google+ account (I’m not sold on Google+ just yet enough to want to add it). And lastly, do you believe it’s worthwhile to add an RSS feed icon/option when there is BlogLovin’ (which will also help the reader find other fashion blogs)?

  8. .

    Haha, it’s almost like I sensed this! Few months ago I decided to stop using Google Reader and re-followed all of my blogs with Bloglovin’. The reason for this is simple – I just liked the Bloglovin’ app better than the Reader. But I’m so glad I did that, now I can just sit back and relax 🙂 I just hope all of my readers that followed MOIMINNIE via GFC will switch to Bloglovin’ to stay updated!
    minnie @

  9. Bisous Natasha

    I’m so lost with this whole RSS feed thing in the first place. HELP !

  10. anne m bray

    Yes, thanks! Very easy (and I moved 370 blogs).
    The only problem — need to rebuild all my folders.
    Another thing I have to figure out is how to redirect a site when I click on the RSS symbol in my browser. Automatically goes to Google Reader at present…

  11. silverbrogues

    I love bloglovin – I used to read lots of blogs and go from one webpage to another always forgetting a few and losing some along the way! Best way to keep them all together, however with a few busy weeks just behind me I’m finding the pressure to catch up on my 1500 unread posts!
    Feel free to add me to your list!

  12. Maria

    What a great post and it came just in the nick of time for me. Yes indeed, today I just so happen to scroll through my list of blogs I follow & realized I do need an alternative to google reader. So thanks for the ideas. I was already using Bloglovin so I think I will continue on with them for now. Thanks again IFB!

    Fashion Blogger for One Style at a Time