IFB Project #87: Why did you start your blog?


Why did you start blogging?

For me, it began as a personal fascination.  I'd been lurking on blogs since the early 2000's. I even started a few just talking about my daily life… which turned out to be boring. Even though I had a great job as a graphic designer, I somehow wanted a different challenge.

The personal style conversation was evolving in blogs in a fascinating way. I loved and still love talking with my friends about where they got their outfits, the stories behind their clothes, and when I discovered there was a place for that online, it was love at first click. Once my lurking became an obsession, I  decided to start a blog on my favorite topic: personal style. The rest is history… in my mind anyway.

I'm sure you know why you started blogging, but do your readers? Is there an inspiring story somehow in there, were you searching for a creative outlet? Are you delving into a potential new career? Did you go through a bad breakup and needed a distraction? No matter what the story, it could prove to be a defining moment in your life.

This week's project is to write about why you started your blog.

Throughout the week I'll be sharing thoughtful posts on Twitter… so go deeper than I did above (as that was just the abbreviated version)… talk about why you started, and what you hope to accomplish. It'll be nice to look back on this in six months or a year. Trust me!

Posts are due Wednesday, please include a link to this page in your post!

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10 Responses

  1. Jennifer Novello

    Interestingly enough I was in the processes of editing a new post on this exact topic 🙂 will be posting the link shortly…


  2. Isabel Rose

    I first began blogging as part of my Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award, and I loved it so much I’ve carried it on!

    Isabel Rose

  3. Jo Golding

    I only recently started my blog to share fashion and beauty tips, as well as practice my writing as I study journalism. Loving your blog. Mine is: itsafashionandbeautything.com

  4. K.

    I started my fashion blog as therapy. I have been suffering from panic attacks for a few years. I thought that by starting blogging that would make me get out of the house. It is working so far. At least is a step by step situation. I’ve thought about sharing this on my blog but at the same time I’m scared of throwing the possibility on having a sponsor. What do you guys think?