The IFB Forums are Closing Monday, March 25th


In my efforts to create a rich community, I opened the forums in 2009. At first it was great, the community was small, and we all talked about the issues that concerned bloggers. However over the years the forums have become a vehicle for “Follow my blog” posts, and regardless of our efforts to fight this trend it has become overwhelming. I am the only full time person working on IFB, and I cannot moderate these forums and provide you with content, nor can I pay someone to do this as every person I have paid had become frustrated with this trend as well and given up.

In addition to the “Follow my blog!” posts, which are for the most part posted by legitimate bloggers who want more exposure (but don't understand that's not how you get it). The forums have attracted spambots and real spammers that have attacked IFB several times. Protecting the site has become so costly, and for the quality of information that exists in the forums now, it just is not worth the investment.

I am fully committed to providing a resource for the fashion blogging community. There are a few things in the works that with the closing of the forums, we can focus our efforts on to bring you better tools for growing your blog and succeeding as a blogger.

The forums will be closing March 25th at 11:59pm EST. If you have any threads you would like to save, please do so before that date. I will not be keeping content on the forums, they will be completely deleted. 

Thank you very much for understanding! And I look forward to bringing you more resources in the future!


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  1. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    I know this has been a tough decision, Jennine, but I think that it will definitely help you make the IFB experience more rich for the users and more manageable for you. I loved the forums when they started; it’s because of the forums that I have relationships with many bloggers I do today. But unfortunately, the community that existed there has dwindled and been lost.

    I think it’s part of a new chapter for IFB, and the forums had an amazing run for 4 years–that’s a great little part of the history! 🙂

  2. Danielle

    It is sad to see so many spammers, and I think this decision is a wise one. So much of the old myspace “follow for follow” mentality is still alive and kicking.

  3. Alicia Chew

    Sad, but valid points. It would have been awesome if the forums included other posts to try to find regional bloggers or ask common blogging questions, but so many people seem concerned only with promoting their own blogs and “follow me and i’ll follow you back!” type posts. It’s unfortunate it had to come to this, but I understand the decision!

  4. Dana Louise

    Thanks for everything you’ve done, and your efforts with the forums. I am not going to lie, when I first joined IFB and tried to use them, found it really frustrating and gave up. I’ve always found reading the posts’ comments to be just as gratifying and informative, if not more so, and look forward to what the future brings for IFB!

  5. Bisous Natasha

    This is so sad. I came to the forums for help on my blog, now thanks to these “follow for follower” people, we are losing something valuable. Even my email inbox on IFB are people saying “Hi, my name is X and I would love for you to follow….” It’s like bugger off already ! People are so concerned with the number of followers that they neglect to put QUALITY content into their blogs. Sorry I don’t follow like some Belieber. Wnd of rant.

  6. Jennifer Novello

    this must have been a tough decision, but it makes total sense. I am fairly new to IFB and have checked out the forums and did notice the majority of them were about “post your blog link here” which is legit I undesrstand everyone wants to promote their blog when they join a new community, BUT being spammed out is not cool! There was one forum that was awesome though….LALM…what are your plans for Links a la mode?


  7. Diana

    This makes so much sense and is completely understandable. You provide great articles and that give us bloggers great tips and ideas to farther better our blog and you shouldn’t have to spend your time controlling people spamming in order to gain more exposure.

  8. Dulcie

    I think this is probably a good idea! I hope someday soon you will open something similar but better and more useful, I’m sure you already have loads of great ideas! x

  9. Natalie

    I completely understand why you are doing this. I only recently joined IFB and was really interested to get chatting with other bloggers about blogging (tongue twister!), but when I went to the forums, I was overwhelmed with “Check out my blog!” posts. The content, sadly, isn’t there.
    I love the articles on IFB, and I love being able to comment on those and share my opinion. And luckily, this hasn’t been overridden with people asking us to follow their blogs.
    I really hope that the forum will be able to get back up again, but for now, I completely understand your choices.
    Have a great day – thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  10. Alexandra Lazar

    The only good use for the forum was, lately, the subscription for LALM. What will happen with that?

  11. .

    At first I was sad, but then I realized it’s actually a very wise decision! Not only are the spam bots crawling the forums, but legitimate users became out of control spamming the hell out of it with their “FOLLOW ME” posts! I also don’t remember reading anything useful in the forums ever; all the interesting stuff are in these articles. So good job Jennine, I totally support your decision!

    xx, minnie


  12. Bree

    I can definitely see why you’re closing them down. When I first joined they really helped me “meet” the community but even in the last few months I’ve noticed it’s become more of a “follow me/ I follow back!” forum which is really too bad.

  13. Tiffy Diamond

    I think it’s a great idea. I know that I’ve posted to the forums for sharing the latest blog posts before, and even found some to check out on there. However, it was getting way to cluttered when I just wanted to look up legitimate help in regards to certain aspects of my blog and advice on designing certain features. I think it will open up the site to create something beneficial in it’s place. Change is always good! 🙂

  14. Lili

    I’m sorry to hear this, but understand. I’m a new blogger, but have never asked someone to follow me. I feel people should want to follow you because you’re interesting, they love your style, you inspire them, etc. Typically when I’ve gotten a “follow me/I’ll follow you” message, I’ve ignored it. I would be frustrated and discouraged if I were you too. I hope whatever you are working on will help passionate bloggers continue to network, learn new things and do what they love.

  15. Susann Akers

    I dont blame you at all. I never quite understood the follow me/followback thing. When I first joined I did follow people when they asked me to and I tried to leave meaningful comments on their blogs. But I rarely had any comments on my blog and rarely any followers. My in-box though was always full of people demanding follows on blogs, facebook, twitter, instagramm.

    Time, effort and money best spent on great articles and help with building quality blogs is much better idea

    Susann x

  16. Shug Avery

    I totally agree with your decision, I am just worried about Links à la mode, what will you do with it ? So far this has been the only forum I was interested in, not because I posted there, but because I really enjoyed going through the links of other people and reading them. But at the same time I am worried if you let Links à la mode, you will start having “Follow For Follow” posts out there too. I am looking forward for what will happen to IFB !

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  17. Kashara

    This makes a lot of sense. Things have changed just in the year or so that I’ve joined IFB and started blogging. The “Follow me” spam has been one of the main reasons I’ve stopped visiting IFB so much. I think the sense of community has definitely been lost. Hopefully this “Spring cleaning” will help with that.

  18. Mallory | Mal of America

    I think this is a positive move for IFB. It would be nice to have forums for legitimate conversation, but as far as I’ve ever seen, the only thing they’re used for is the follow me spam. Any legit posts get ignored, probably because people who care got too tired of seeing so much spam and stopped reading.
    You’ve got my support in this decision!

  19. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    Thank you for closing the forums! It was my least favorite part of IFB because of the spammers and follow me for follow posters.

  20. Sarah's Real Life

    Aren’t the Links a la Mode entries done through a forum? That’s the only time I ever used the forums, and I assume you’ll set up a new process for LALM. I won’t miss them otherwise!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  21. RikaConfesses

    I was really hoping when I found this site that the forums would have.. you know, real discussion and information in them.. but as you said, it was mostly “follow me!” “look at my blog, I’ll follow you back!”
    Its really pretty sad, I haven’t been able to find a site that has any better luck with it either.
    The “follow my blog” emails are way out of hand too.. Ironically, there is a very easy way to get me to check out your blog – comment on or “like” something on mine – I look at each person’s blog who does. But I’ll only “like” or follow genuinely.

  22. Jeanine Marie

    I didn’t get to experience the forums much. It is like everyone says, just a place to place “follow me” ads.

    I am not new to this site but I did leave for a long time only to come back to email box full of requests. Out of 70 requests only 4 follow me and the rest were just looking to build their numbers.

    I would like to see an option to block spammers and to keep when I am online private.

  23. Jessica Villar

    I was starting to learn how to use them haha! What’s with spring cleaning? Google Reader, IFB forums…
    By the way, if this is going to make IBF easier to handle for you and it will stop de recent failures I’m all in =) Although I would have love to be able to open a forum to meet up regional bloggers (I don’t know if there are many spanish bloggers around here)

  24. Jade Herrera

    This has been a tough decision but I agree with it. I hope that these Follow Blog posts will also stop, since it also fills my inbox. I know it’s a bit impossible to limit these bloggers from sending those messages but I o hope it also stops.

  25. Olive Brown

    Good on you for making this decision – I’m fairly new to IFB so I wasn’t aware there was only one full-time staff member, that must be hard. It’s really a shame, because the forums had such great potential to be a resource for bloggers to discuss serious topics but everything just gets lost in the sea of “follow my blog, I follow back!” You should hire interns to do the moderating! 😛

  26. Sheyla

    This is great! I don’t visit the forums or log in as much as I would want to because once you’re in it’s like immediate notifications with the annoying “Follow me and I’ll follow back” crap. I think you should leave two forums open: LALM and a special one for topics that bloggers want to see on the website or discussed in weekly tweet chats. I miss the tweet chats Jennine, bring them back! Please 🙂

  27. thebeautyfox

    I am confused… Does this mean the entire site will be shutdown? If so do you plan on taking on individual clients for consulting? I love this site so much from IFB! It breaks my heart to see it go. Will all the content be removed? You could/should seriously turn this into a book!

  28. Melina Bee

    Hi. Will there be anything to replace the IFB Links a la Mode? That’s one of my favorite parts of IFB

  29. Shweta

    I agree with what you feel and most of the fellow bloggers here, but then how would we submit to IFB Links a la Mode?
    Plus, in my country, the fashion bloggers are very few and scattered. IFB Forums gave me a way to find the ones in my country. Now how do I manage that part?

  30. Nadya Helena

    I actually did use the forum to find collaborations with bloggers mostly, and to ask bloggers to collaborate with me on my illustrations. And first my topic was receiving good response, BUT THEN amongst my illustrator request posts, there just have to be this “HI MY NAME IS ABC AND MY BLOG IS XYZ”. Why?!! Do they not read the topic title? Do they intentionally do that in every topic and board? Don’t they feel any sympathy for other people posting and reading the forum? It’s really really frustrating by the minute.

    Or maybe you could re-open the forums but with harsher rules. Those caught with follow for follow or link spamming (posting their blog’s latest post to ask for comments) are banned from the forums. But whatever decision you choose I support you Jennine. And thank you for clearing up one piece of matter. I hope more bloggers read this and understand better about spreading their blogs.

    eyeshadow illustrator

  31. Rachel Pheasant

    When I first started my blog these forums were really useful for meeting other bloggers, I totally understand the decision, I just wish something could be implemented in its place (although I understand, work-load wise, why this isn’t possible as of right now). On a somewhat related note: what ever happened to the morning link round up? I always found that to be a super helpful resource as a blogger, keeping me informed and up-to-date on fashion news.


  32. Ana and Diana

    it is a shame people don’t understand what a forum is for and keep spamming…! It makes sense you need to close it but at the same time it was a good vehicle to get to know people, make collaborations and sometimes to get help to solve a few problems (like the virus i had in my browser and wouldn’t let me post photos on my blog ahaha thank you so much to everyone who tried to help me solve it ^^) Maybe now with all the ads on this blog you will get the money to hire a few people to moderate this site. The truth is, even with all the spammers, he forum was very useful 🙂