IFB Project Roundup #86: What’s your hair Inspiration #FekkaiTouch


This was such a fun project! Frederic Fekkai had partnered with us to see the inspiration behind everyone's hair ideal. We had some wonderful submissions, some pretty and pretty outrageous posts with pastel hair, beehives, and the full gamut!

The winner of this project!

Fashion Beauty Junkie  showed us her hair evolution with different colors hair and hair styles. She also did an impromptu shoot which looked like a she had a blast! And that's what hair should be, no? Fun?

More inspiration…

Even though she was the only one to win a prize, Fashion Beauty Junkie wasn't the only one who had a great post. The ones below are some of my favorites from the roundup!

Culture Vulture


Snob Affair


Made With Love


Tongue in Cheeky


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3 Responses

  1. CrissyM

    Congratulations to Fashion Beauty Junkie and thank you again IFB for the blog love, it was fun doing this post.

    Graffiti Mimosa

  2. Daura

    Thanks for the love! I had fun shooting for the project and look forward to participating in more.