IFB Project Roundup #87 Why did you start your blog?


We're catching up with our IFB Project Roundups… Last week was a bit of a kicker on the backside of IFB (we are going through some tech stuff now, but should be alright soon enough!)

However, that said, I would have to note that IFB Project #87 has been a wonderful project, reading everyone's reason for starting their blog. I was surprised to read that many of you have been blogging for years, with several incarnations already behind your belts. From living in a place with limited freedom, to a death in the family some were touching and inspiring. Some blogs were started to battle self-doubt, others were simply out of boredom. But everyone expressed a love for their blogs and gratitude for the role it now plays in their lives.

And that is what's most inspiring to me.

So without much further ado…. here is the roundup of quotes.

IFB Project #87: Why did you start your blog?


Under a Veil

Reading magazines wasn't sufficient anymore, we needed to be active instead of passive.

How do you curve a line?

I grew up in a country (Iran) that freedom is hard to find . Beautiful country , among the most hospitable people & I had to find a way to express myself . With my words , my photos and later on my drawings . And yet there was nowhere I could publish 'em . I had so many photos , so many stories , too many things to share with the world outside .


It was a Sunday, and I was sitting in our living room Instagramming a picture of Oliver Greenjeans, my overweight but lovable cat, when I announced to my mom, “Oliver is starting a fashion blog.” And Greenjeans was born.

Foxy Oxie Supernova

The fact of the matter is that if your reason for starting a fashion blog is to 1.) get rich, 2.) get famous or 3.) get rich and famous, let me save you a lot of time and effort: YOU WILL PROBABLY FAIL. Harsh, isn't it? But it's the truth. Sure, all three things {or technically two} can be results of you starting a fashion blog, but they shouldn't be the purpose.

Nothing to Wear Novello

The source of inspiration for me was how these young ladies had a steady stream of amazing outfits that they concocted by incorporating and recycling key items from their wardrobe several times over.

Seppy's Montreal

A blog just seemed like the perfect blend of everything I love doing in my free time, from trying new restaurants and recipes, to going shopping, getting dressed up or exploring Montreal, while sharing it with other people.

Little Dandy

I've been blogging all of these years just to have a place where I can put things down on paper the web.  A way to keep track of the things that go through my mind.

I'd Absolutely Love To

The only way to get better at writing is to keep doing it. I'm not aspiring to be a pro blogger, simply a better, more confident writer.


The blog has gone from a simple, cutesy space, to a business. The aim was always to help someone, mainly women see that they are beautiful.

Moments of Chinny

Since starting this blog, I've had a couple of unfortunate things happen in my life, but this blog has kept me from falling back into that horrible pit.

Blogging… it's an interesting concept… you write about things that you  love.. or things you are excited about potentially sharing your heart to the world… being validated for the things you find interesting is the one of the  most gratifying feelings…

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9 Responses

  1. Elizabeth McKinnon

    I started my blog because; I wanted to share my passion for fashion and travel with the world….

  2. Taylor D

    I started my blog as a place to record all the fashion trends I wanted to try when I was older. I was 16 when I first started my blog so I didn’t have the money or the maturity to wear some of the clothes I really liked! But now, my blog has grown into something where I can express my current style and my wishful future style.


  3. Jessica Connolly

    I started my blog after reading many blogs for over a year and decided I wanted to be part of the community. It’s hard to get into, finding readers is incredibly hard. In the future i’d love a career in fashion and this could open many opportunities for me..
    please checkout my blog

  4. Domenica

    I have always been a lover of fashion and blogs. Late last year I was hospitalised due to appendicitis and was out of action for 6 weeks. It was a sign from god to start my blog and get my really committed. Ever since then, my blog has gone from strength to strength

  5. Frugal Flirty N Fab!

    I started my blog because I wanted to play a part in the fashion Industry being more diverse. We can talk about it all day but I actually wanted to take part in it happening. I also wanted to show readers just how anyone can be Frugal Flirty and oh so Fab without breaking the bank, which today is a necessity! Rome wasn’t built over night but I’m working on it and glad I am!

  6. Chris

    I started http://whatchrisworetoday.tumblr.com as I had recently just lost my job and was finding it hard to get a new one. I took a picture of myself and uploaded it to Facebook and titled it ‘whatchriswore’ and it was kinda of joke between me and my boyfriend,but I started the blog and starting taking pictures of myself in different outfits that I wore. That was in 2010 since then I’ve done some articles for fashion websites and a tv company blogging about fashion and has just started a Facebook page http://Facebook.com/WhatChrisWore were I talk and post everything to do about fashion that interests me.