IFB Project #88 : What is Your Spring Uniform?


Spring is my favorite season. By far. Autumn is a super close second, but the excitement around Spring, the smell of blossoms in the air, the pretty colors, it all makes me giddy. Call it Spring Fever, but I get it every year.

Why Spring and Autumn are such great months for style, is that it's warm enough to experiment with fabric weights and cool enough to layer. Which is why this week's project is about your own personal Spring style. What is your “Spring Uniform?”

What are you loving to wear this season?  For me it's all about motorcycle jackets and button down shirts. But with all the trends, stripes, pastels, even florals hitting the stores and the blogs this year, it would be great to see how YOU interpret the season's Zeitgeist.

How to participate:

Submit your link below, and be sure to add in a link to this post for the roundup. I'll be setting up a Pinterest board this time (the link will be up soon), and will be pinning entries to this week's contest. I've also changed the round up date to Fridays instead of Wednesdays so you get more time to get your posts in!

IFB Project #88: What is Your Spring Uniform?


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8 Responses

  1. Catie Beatty

    Great topic! Inspired and will hopefully have a link to submit later today 🙂

  2. Mega R.

    Spring is probably my favorite season, and the fact that this spring features so many great trends makes it even better! Loving seeing everyone’s outfits. It’s inspiring me to try new things 🙂

  3. Danielle Gaito

    How fun –especially since things are finally deciding to warm up here in Dallas. Very cute looks all around in these posts.