Daily Inspiration: The Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time


This quote is the story of my life.

Before blogging, I thought I was a chronic time waster. I loved chit-chatting with friends. Talking about random things. Perusing the internet for weird and wonderful things. Everyone thought I was just goofing around. I thought I was goofing around.

It wasn't until I decided to start a blog that I realized that all that time I had previously thought was “wasted time” was in fact time I spent learning the skills necessary to become a blogger. It was like one of those Mr. Miyagi “wax on, wax off” moments. Finding randomly wonderful things on the internet turned into content for my blog. Chit chatting with friends and distracting them from work became my first Twitter strategy.  It all kind of fell into place.

It turned into a career I loved, after doing something I once considered goofing off.

That said, when you think you're wasting time by enjoying yourself, you're not wasting your time.

It's time well-spent.

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  1. A x

    I LOVE this! I usually take issue with these kind of inspirational quotes, but this totally makes sense and is very empowering. Thanks for sharing.

    A x