How Magazines, Blogs and TV Can Boost Your Creativity


One of my best friends, Downing, is a hair stylist. I adore how often shes comments when we’re watching TV, “In Friday Night Lights they curled Connie Britton’s hair forward, which was really flattering on her face. On Nashville they curl it back & out which you have to if you want that wind-machine pop-star thing”. Downing doesn’t watch things passively for entertainment like the average person. As a top hair stylist she is always seeking new inspiration & ideas.

As a stylist & style blogger it can be easy to write off every flip through yet another style magazine as “research” or “homework”. And it is! But only if you actively take it in. Here’s a few tricks I use to make sure those things I’m doing for fun, are also always challenging my brain & making me better at my craft.

When flipping through a magazine I think:

“Do I agree with that piece of advice?”

“If I had to give an additional tip, what would it be?”

“If I could tailor up or down one piece in this outfit what would it be?”


When visiting another style blog I ask myself:

“What is it that makes this outfit so ‘her’?”

“What past style icon would have worn this today?”

“What’s one thing I’d change here to make this more ‘me’?”


When watching a TV show or movie I consider:

“Which of my clients would this inspiration be perfect for?”

“How would I have styled this differently?”

“What would make this look more modern or vintage?”


To become brilliant at what you do you should always be challenging what you believe & why, how your opinion is different from other experts in the field, & storing up inspiration you can put your own spin on. Now that Sunday afternoon with the latest issues of Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky & a cup of tea … is you in smartypants research mode. How chic are you, eh?

Where do you look for inspiration? What questions do you ask to challenge yourself to make styles & looks you see your own?

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6 Responses

  1. Melissa Cuentas

    Since I rarely “read” magazines, I visit some of my fav blogs, and look for inspiration, then I play with textures and fabrics, or maybe if there’s a piece on my wardrobe which I haven’t used for so long, I try to look for places like Pinterest and other blogs, to get inspired by to then how to style it with. Of course I wouldn’t copy their style, because that’s what make us unique, so I go for simplicity and that “less is more”. 😉 but since I post personal photos from life on my blog, I can get inspired by everything, depending of what’s on my mind and what I’m going to talk about. Most of inspiration comes from Pinterest and beautiful things. 🙂

  2. Filipa

    I search for inspiration in everything I see, read or hear. I like seeing different people on the street and I often wonder what makes them so unique and special. I also love browsing my tumblr dashboard, reading magazines etc.
    Inspiration is everywhere around us!

    Filipa from

  3. Michaela d'Artois

    This is exactly how I read magazines and get inspired for my blog. Often times I read magazines and think the advice they gave or the tips they chose are so obvious. It helps me think outside of the box about my posts!

    Good post!

  4. Diana

    Great post, since starting my blog I see magazines differently as well as TV. I get inspired everywhere whether it’s how an outfit is styled or color combos. Magazines always give me more knowledge without even knowing it.