23 Ways to Promote Posts & Increase Your Blog Traffic


Writing your blog posts is just a small part of growing your blog. The rest is getting readers to your blog…and that's not always as easy. While there are some tried and true means of growing your blog, there are infinite ways to get your message in front of new people. Here are just a few to get started with!

The Basics (Social Media)

  • Tweet your post: Tweeting posts should be a regular thing. But one thing bloggers tend to do is just Tweet, “New post! [Link]” Truth be told, I NEVER click on those links. Write a snappy tweet with a link to your post. It could be your post title, but something that you know your Tweeps will click on. And change it up so you can tweet your post more than once.
  • Facebook: Don't forget your readers on Facebook! Be sure to include an image on your post and test different times of days to see when your readers click on your links.
  • Pinterest: A powerful traffic driver, Pimp your images for Pinterest, and be sure to include this in you promotional strategy. You may have to test a few things to see what works best for your blog.. including adding text, pinning close up shots, whatever it is your followers best respond to.
  • Stumbleupon: This is an oldie but a goodie. It doesn't take long to “Stumble” posts, but you never know which posts might get “Stumbled” so you wouldn't want a chance to miss out on additional traffic boosts. It's a really great way to get exposure beyond your regular circles.
  • Instagram: While there is no real way to link directly to your posts (yet) in Instagram, it's always great to let your followers there know you have new content on your blog. Be sure to let them know that your ‘gram is for a new post!
  • Google+: There might be a lot of things disappearing from Google these days, but Google+ isn't one of them. Google+ give some added value with their SEO features, along with sharing capabilities.
  • Include a “Follow me on Bloglovin” link in all of your posts: Now that Google reader is going away, more and more people are using Bloglovin. Bloglovin actually drives traffic the more followers you have, so make sure you give your readers every chance to follow you on that site so they never miss a post.
  • Do a Twitter chat around a blog topic: Tweeting your posts might not be enough… perhaps another way to promote your content (and your Twitter presence) is to host a Twitter chat and use a hashtag. Here you would write a post on your blog, invite a few blog friends to participate and have a conversation on Twitter.

SEO Promotion

  • Use Google Keywords to promote via SEO: One of the best ways to promote content is to use SEO. It is still the number one traffic driver for all of my websites, and should not be overlooked. Google has a nifty Keyword Tool which allows you to search keywords and see how many people are looking for particular topics, and how competitive the keywords are.
  • Look in your Google Analytics for to see how people find your blog (and expand on that): In Google Analyitcs you can find under “Site Content–>Search Engine Optimization–>Queries” What keywords people are using to find your site. We found a lot of people found IFB through our GIF tutorial, so maybe it's time to revisit that post topic.
  • Link to other posts within your site to boost SEO: Links within your site do two things, they build authority for your posts, and they keep your readers on your website. Erika Miller noted we shouldn't overdo it with the links in our post, so be strategic and try not to get carried away.
  • Put relevant keywords in your image “Alt” Tags: Don't forget your images can be searched too!
  • Guest Post: A lot of people complain that guest posts don't drive traffic. But maybe if you play it right, driving traffic could be secondary to your SEO goals. Use your guest post opportunities as a chance to link to specific posts within your site to help boost the SEO results and that will get you more traffic.

Good Old-Fashioned Email

  • Email Newsletter to your readers: It's never to early to start building your newsletter. It may take time, but after all blogging is a long haul game. Email your readers once a week, or once a month to let them know about what's going on with your blog. It's the perfect time to promote specific content.
  • Ask your blog friends to promote a post: If you have a post you'd like to promote, and you have a great relationship with your blog friends, asking them once in a while to promote a post for you is no big deal.
  • Pitch your post to other blogs: Say you write a post that would be perfect for another blog, it would be a good time to let that other blogger know about your post. Who knows, maybe you'll get a link!
  • Pitch your post to the press: Say you've done an independent study, maybe you're an expert in budget fashion or did something newsworthy, or have the perfect post for a website, developing relationships with the press would be a great way to get added exposure on news sites in addition to blogs.

Create Sharable Content

  • Create a free download to share with your readers: Whether it be a calendar, desktop or even a template, free downloads are a great way to get readers to download, keep, and possibly share with others. Everyone likes a freebie!
  • Write content that solves a problem: Do you have a solution to a problem everyone has? Getting rid of muffin top? If you solve a problem, it will help your readers, AND if your readers have friends with the same problem, they'll probably share your blog post too.
  • Write a catchy headline: I cannot say enough about how important it is to have a straightforward, yet catchy post title. This is often times the first impression people get of your website whether it be through search or through social media. You only have fractions of a second to catch their eye!
  • Write a controversial post: Maybe you don't agree with what's going on, maybe you're on the fence, maybe you have a juicy piece of information to share with your readers. A controversial post will get people talking.
  • Feature another blogger: If you're new, maybe you can do a feature swap with a blog friend with similar traffic, but featuring other bloggers helps build community along with you might get social media promotion from the other blogger. Word of advice, the other blogger may not share, so don't expect or demand them to do so, as you may end up burning a bridge.
  • Start a blog meme: Whether it be something like the IFB Project, or the various ones out there, bloggers love to engage with others by sharing content. If you provide a service to share their content, you can always ask that they share your content as well.
  • Create an infographic, and pitch it to other blogs: Infographics… they are fun, and shareable, and most of all pitchable. If you think of a clever way to make information into a graphic, it could really lead to some amazing promotion for your blog!

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  1. Filipa

    I must confess that I don’t use half of the things mentioned above, so this article is very helpful.
    I’ve been trying to find a way to increase my blog traffic and now I know where to start. I also wrote my first guest post and now I’m waiting for it to get published.
    Thanks for sharing, love this!

    Filipa from http://ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

  2. Oumayma

    Totally agree with you Filipa^^
    I don’t use pintrest maybe I should make a account 🙂

    xxx tfd-thefashiondistrict.blogspot.nl/

  3. Asia Mays

    YES! This was more than helpful. Definitely needing to get back to the basics.

  4. Quinn Cooper

    I try and do all of this and a lot of it is working.
    I’m just having trouble building a following on Twitter. All of the other platforms its slow and steady, but with twitter it seems I can’t get ahead. Any ideas?
    xo Quinn
    Quinn Cooper Style

    • Charlotte

      I agree with you, Quinn. I am finding Twitter, but also FB the hardest to grow a following on. My instagram is very strong, but these two are lacking behind. Would love some tips on how to increase FB and Twitter followers.

    • Skip

      Just re Twitter, I find that I get a few retweets if I include an image in the Tweet. I used to be able to automatically Tweet new WordPress posts with the featured image via IFTTT but for some reason it stopped working so now I manually Tweet my posts and add an image to the Tweet. This way the post appears both in your Twitter stream and with a link in your Twitter images (2 for 1).

  5. Sabrina

    Thank you for this post!! It doesn’t matter how many times I read these kind of posts – it’s always interesting to read other perspectives!! This post in particular was super easy to read and very clear!! Thx again!!! 😀

  6. Elena

    Great tips! Bloglovin’, Pinterst and Guest posts are the best ways to drive traffic at this moment, hope that Instagram will be helpful in a future.

  7. Jesika

    I do not see my reply to Daria, so one more try >>

    Daria, when it comes to keywords, it´s always great to use them in post titles .. e.g. the way you´ve got it in your Dior exhibition post – when people search the info about Dior exhibition, there´s a possibility they will find your blogpost .. that will not happen when the post´s title is e.g. “My lovely afternoon”, you know 🙂 Also adding keywords to the name of a photo is a great way to boost traffics .. I ever do that and it really helps! E.g. when you want to post a photo of you wearing some designer´s clothing, add it to the name of that photo .. e.g. “stella mccartney silver clutch” or “jimmy choo heels with floral pants”. Most of the blogs and sites I really enjoy to read I´ve found via Google Image search :))
    There are many other ways how to use keywords when blogging, but -for me- these two tips are vital. Hope I helped 🙂
    By the way – I checked your blog and really like it, especially the layout. Garage mag post is great 🙂 Do reckon with me as with your new reader and follower !

    just JE NE SAIS QUOI

  8. Christina

    I so needed this right now! Great to see it all spelled out. Never even thought of a few of these like a free download or info graphic. xo

  9. Risa

    This was really helpful. I never considered using Google+ since no one really uses it but it if helps my SEO then I’m all for it! Twitter is a tough one. I don’t get many clicks from my tweets, but I always feel weird tweeting about a post more than once. You don’t want to overly self-promote. Great tips all around. Thanks for sharing.

    xo, risa

  10. Debbie Baker Burns

    Good stuff here! I hadn’t thought of adding an extra chance for readers to follow me within my post. I’ll be trying that in future posts. Thanks! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  11. Miche

    Great suggestions, I need to start using Instagram and twitter more


  12. Disneyrollergirl

    Thank Jennine,

    I think there are a few ways to build Twitter following. I do a lot of retweeting links around my chosen subjects so people will often retweet those. That way you get seen as an authority. (Don’t just click the RT button though – precede with a few of your own summarising words or thoughts. Make sure you engage with followers, it needs to be a two-way thing, not just you blasting out updates. I tweet each blog as soon as it’s posted and then a few hours later for my US readers. and I change the preceding blurb to make it sound more interesting. Sometimes I will add an image to the tweet. I think that makes it more retweetable.

    Google+ is getting interesting. You can add hashtags in your posts so they are searchable within Google+. it seems to be building momentum (cheap plug, you can find me on google plus here: https://plus.google.com/+Disneyrollergirl )

    Google Analytics I find such a ballache! I tried to do the Search Engine Optimization–>Queries thing but I got a page saying ‘This report requires Webmaster Tools to be enabled’, and when I followed the instructions, I got a box saying ‘success’, but every time I go to the Queries page, I’m still told ‘This report requires Webmaster Tools to be enabled’. I give up!

    Re tagging images, I’m surprised at how many websites, big blogs and PRs don’t label their images in an SEO-friendly way. I wonder why not?

    • Jennine Jacob

      These are all FANTASTIC tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

      How are you tracking your Google+ traffic? I can’t seem to separate it from other traffic coming from Google…

  13. Persephone Nicholas

    Great tips, Jennine, thank you. I’m an author and blog about books and writing (thebookorme.blogspot.com.au) but so many of these tips are transferable and relevant – thanks for sharing.


  14. Deah

    thanks for all these advice. So far I am using twitter and my personal fb to shout out my blog posts. I just started blogging less than a month ago and hopefully soon I’ll get the right amount of exposure that I am intending to get. I might try Blog Lovin =) tnx again


  15. Deepak Thakur

    These ways are legit and working, I use most of them and usually get 3000+ visitors per day.
    How to get Traffic to Your Blog or Website (Part-1)

  16. saurabh gupta

    Really nice article. Besides doing these other activities will include
    1. Writing Articles and submitting to hub pages and other articles directories
    2. Installing and running wts traffic magnet 2.0. Which gives you direct hits not referred hits like traffic exchange websites
    3. Working with submissions for directories and search engines

  17. Tara

    So true about the twitter thing! I find it really useful using tumblr. I get loads of traffic when I post pictures off of my blog on there

  18. Petya

    I’ve been trying to find a way to increase my blog traffic and now I know where to start. I must confess that I don’t use half of the things mentioned above, but now I’ll start using them. Also, I’m thinking of inviting some guest bloggers on my blog.
    Thanks for writing this amazing and helpfull post!

  19. MicahelSca

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  20. Lina

    Thanks for this. I started blogging recently and am definately looking forward to crazy levels of traffic 🙂

  21. Amy

    I have so many ideas to post about. It’s practically endless! But I want to change it up every now and then, but don’t want the initial audience to think the page is steering away from it’s initial intent. Does that make sense? If you visit CatholicBliss.com you can see a little where I’m giving recipes, then recommendations for books, but still throwing in information about current events and Catholicism… while staying fun!

  22. ubaid

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  23. dharmone

    hi there!, these tips are really helpful, i just started my blog few days ago and hoping these tips help me grow.

  24. Ash

    Thanks for sharing, always good to find out new ways to share the site and build traffic.

  25. Jan Christian

    This is such nice and very effective ways to promote our blog post. Using social media site like facebook, stumbleupon, twitter is definitely a very effective way to drive traffic to our post. Thank you so much for your wonderful tips

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  27. Danielle Charpentier

    1) My blog (Ivy League Opinions) focuses on my opinions on the news from a “Ivy League perspective.” Because the blog focuses on my opinions, none of the posts solve a problem, they simply share interesting content. Do all successful blogs need to be geared towards problem-solving?

    2) Because my blog has the occasional personal insight, should I just use my own Facebook/Twitter or should I make ones for the blog?

  28. Olga

    I agree, very nice and useful tips but I think they are for beginners. There is a lot of such similar infomation, and nothing new. It takes too much time to find the info able to surprise.
    But you’ve dine a great work! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  29. Colby

    I have had trouble driving traffic to my gaming and tech blog website! But I think these tips will help alot! Thanks very much

  30. Music Eyz

    Great post with some good tips. One thing that I know works is using G+. Google in its attempts to make the platform popular are putting an unfair weight to links on their for SEO purposes. So make sure you utilise G+ even if you don’t use it as a social media tool for your personal life

  31. Erik Emanuelli

    Great list of tips to get traffic, Jennine!

    With relation to Twitter, you might want to use some interesting websites like Triberr or Just Retweet, that will help you get more ReTweets and Shares.

    Thanks for the post!

  32. Lisa

    Thanks for these tips. i have been trying to promote my blog posts so they can be better found and to increase traffic, to no avail. Now I know some of the things that I need to do to promote them. Thanks so much for sharing

  33. jacob

    Amazing article covered almost all the aspects of social media, i totally agree with your point of Google plus, it really works for me too. But i guess i have to adopt your idea of making two three Google account


    Thanks.Informations are Very helpful. I definitely need to focus on some of these suggestions TO PROMOTE MY BLOG SURENIFTY.BLOGSPOT.COM

  35. Franc Morio

    Thanks a lot for the information, have a look at my blog and advice if I am any closer to the requirements
    from forexisnotgambling .blogspot.com

  36. wordpress guide

    You really pointed all the basic fact in getting traffic and making our blog known to the world but the problem is that these days is too hard to find your fellow blogger to help you promote a post in your blog some of them will give you their price list when you ask them for any little help, i have experienced it more often.
    Blogging these days is about staying focused and working hard for a long time before you can see any positive results

  37. junk car new jersey

    Nice post. I loved your mail. I just started blogging and this mail is actually worth reading. Social media increases traffic quite amazingly. particularly the Facebook. I get my most of the strikes through Facebook sharing.

  38. lisa

    great list. i understand that fb sharing is the best way, but sometimes im shy that my parents or relatives would see my blog hahaha oh well. so i share it on google plus instead. not very great at exposure but at least im doing something!

  39. JaiswalManoj

    I posted a blog in last weak and i thought it’s over. I got only 5 view till yesterday. After your blog’s advise i only did stumble an i can’t believe i got more than 30 view in only 2 hours . SERIOUSLY It’s works guys

    Thanks a lot @ Jennine Jacob

  40. Aqib Shahzad

    Increasing traffic is the first wish of every blogger. Every blogger try its own ways to increase traffic. ideas shared in this article are very useful, i will surely these ways to my blogger friends also who are looking for method to increase their blog traffic.

  41. Soima Otsuka

    A blog about the many different unique ideas, problems and other things we face in our lives. I had finally decided to unleash all these ideas I have bottled up in my head (on the internet), I am tired of saying “I’m bored” and “I’ve got nothing to do”, I want to know all the interesting things of the world. So through this blog, I hope to not only share interesting ideas, but to also learn the concepts of others as well.

  42. Deepak Thakur

    Ya, these are really very best way to get generic and healthy traffic to your blog.
    I am working as SEO specialist and according to you these are the ever best way to get right traffic.
    Thanks for your valuable share with us!!!

  43. Angeil

    I would say alltherealworld.blogspot.com is by far the ebst website

  44. Nathan Brook

    Your concept is very much innovative and impressive as well.I love reading this article, I used all of this Social Media site to promote my blog..

  45. ciano

    I guess I need to start implementing some of the tactics above. I love writing but when it comes to promoting. I feel lost at times.

  46. Ruthida Namubiru

    Thanks Jennine for sharing this content. I find that social media and SEO is a great combo for promoting my blog posts. I like the way you broke down your point. Easy to understand.

  47. Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead

    Ok So I am fairly new to this blogging thing… And I must say, It always seems so simple when people explain how to increase SEO but it doesnt seem to work well for me. I think my blog is more so a specialty blog, it deals with travel and I try to push it that way. I have had my best luck commenting on other people’s blogs and them discovering mine and either reflagging or constantly visiting and telling people about it…I will keep on keeping on though lol

  48. Fashionlistaz

    Thank you for this post. Very complete and in dept. Nothing like a good promotion strategy. We need it if we intend to grow our blog to a certain extent. And like you said, you have to try different ways and styles to see which ones meet your needs better.

    While some might drive immediate traffic, some will increase SEO while others will promote your brand awareness which are all necessary.

  49. CC

    I really like the advice on tweeting the same post multiple ways. On that note, is it a good idea to make a twitter account solely for my blog or should I just incorporate it in my personal twitter?

    Also I never thought of making an infographic before. I definitely like that idea though. Any advice on how to get started?

    And most of all, thanks for a great post.


  50. Pratik

    Very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing. I am not into business blogging but would definitely like to increase my readership.

  51. Zack

    Great post! It should be noted that the “competition” in the Google AdWords keyword tool is actually the competition between advertisers bidding on ads for that keyword and not actually the competition for ranking content.

  52. Susan

    We are just starting out and you provided some really great and original information. Thanks!

  53. Danielle

    This was a very helpful post. I know that I normally tweet out my post once it goes live but fail to usually change the tweet up and tweet it multiple times. This is one change that I will make immediately since I am going to start scheduling my tweets in advance. I am pretty good about promoting my post on other social networks. I have found that Youtube has done wonders for my site traffic, it is actually one of my top traffic sources.

    I think a lot of people really have slept on how youtube can help get your blog out there and continuously promote your site. I have found that making youtube videos and corresponding post have really helped me take my blog to the next level. Thank you again for all the tips I will put some of the ones that I am not currently doing to good use.

  54. Ashley Rose

    This is really great and to the point. Thanks.
    I’ve just started my blog and a part of me is excited to meet and talk to people with the same interests and passions all over the world but thre’s another part of me that is nervous of course.

    Great post, will be checking in again soon 🙂

  55. PE Exam Study Blog

    This is an informative list. It is easy to stumble something, you say. I’ve never done that. Isn’t this just a matter of clicking their site’s button at the end of an article? Is that what you mean, adding the stumble upon option, so readers can “stumble” it? Or, is this a matter of adding a new post to the SU site?

  56. Beatrice

    I’ve just started a new blog. And this is very helpfull, thankyou!

    Check out 🙂 stylebybeatrice.blogspot.com

  57. Marissa Banks

    Thanks for sharing. These are really good tips that I haven’t thought about before. I’m new to blogging (been doing it for about a month now).

  58. Shruti

    The most important two things about this post is engagement and consistancy. Without the two there’s no drive to keep the blog going. Taking a step back it’s important to set the blogs objectives, goals & KPI’s so that it can be easier to assign your content target audience.

  59. Peter

    Thank for compiling this list, great stuff! I appreciate the majority of steps are tanks I can actually implement. Again, many thanks.

  60. She says more

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  61. Jennifer

    This list was super helpful and insightful. You mentioned a few things that I myself need to brush up on and learn more about. The ins and outs of SEO for example is something I need to get a better understanding about. Thank you for this post 🙂


  62. Alexi

    Great ideas for my first blog! I’m not looking to get big, just would like someone to actually read what I’m writing. Hope this helps and thanks!!

  63. Vishnuvardhan

    Am a newbie to this world of blogging (though I have been blogging for a while), I never looked at it with a keen eye to drive traffic. I was happy just for the blog to have one single reader. . . me. 🙂 However, moving on, I wish that people visit my site, and read what I have to say about the world. I hope to make differences to the society around me, in my own little way.
    Thank you for the tips that you suggested, it was very informative. And considering, I haven’t done 90% of the things you have mentioned, I need to buck up big time. 😛
    I blog at: http://vishvrdhn.wordpress.com

  64. Vera Wilde

    Great, great advice here!
    I’m really struggling with trying to promote and update all of my social media accounts for both my photography and shop, I schedule certain tasks for certain days, but it feels like I’m still getting minimal done 🙁 Should I just focus on 2 or so social media accounts for promoting? Would that be more effective?


  65. Sharon

    Such cool tips! I’ve already tried one out this morning. I usually do quite a few of them, but I needed to update a couple of the ways that I was promoting my post. Definitely like the tweet information! Pinned so I wouldn’t lose it….

  66. Ludovic Baratier

    thanks very much to share your method
    it isn’t easy to increase audience of a blog and i see it every day
    but i try to be positive
    in this way, i will try to use your method
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  67. may poblete

    I’m looking for ways to increase traffic flow at my blog and “stumbed” onto this website by luck. Thanks for the information shared here. I will definitely check the featured websites noted here in the future.

  68. Eve

    The problem with your advices is that they imply you already got a base. On Twitter, I have two followers. I didn’t create a Facebook page yet, but I feel like it is going to be really useless since I have no followers. On Stumbleupon, I have liked over 400 things and nothing happened. I tried with Instagram, it doesn’t work (but it doesn’t help that I have like 70 followers) and on Google+ and Pinterest, I have 0 followers…

  69. Carolyn Edlund

    I’d like to add a few ways to publicize: Post a link to your blog post (with a photo – always add photos when you can to get them opened and shared more) on your LinkedIn profile as an update. Then, add your blog post to a LinkedIn discussion group for input from readers, and traffic.

    I’ve found that LinkedIn is a top source of traffic for my blog at Artsy Shark, and that those readers tend to stay on the site longer.

  70. sisca

    Hello, everyone 🙂 I just recently starting to write fashion blog 🙂 i love fashion and writting, but so hard to invite traffic. anyone wants to change link with me? just send to my email [email protected]. thanks 🙂

  71. Rahul Sharma

    Hello Guys I am rahul..
    First of all i would like to thank for this post and i having a some problem related this post. my problem is that how to get traffic for blog i mean to say if i asked you that how much traffic you gain for blog in 1 week so what should you say and how if you said that 1,00,000 traffic i can gain. so my question that how to gain. my explain
    friends i am confused that how to get a fast traffic in my blog/website….. please share your feedback..

  72. Souri

    Lots of great tips. I will stick to create nice photos for my blog. Traffic is overrated! What you do with the traffic is important.

  73. Elif

    Very good tips! For me the social media part is more challenging as I find it hard to channel my energy to so many outlets. I will use the tip of naming the images. Thx for a good read!

  74. Joanne T Ferguson

    G’day Jennine and great hints and tips too!
    My blog is just a year old and I am keen and eager to continue to learn…at the moment, I struggle re SEO, and keen to learn alt tags on my photos too!
    So many hours, So much to learn! Love blogging and take the personal approach!
    Cheers! Joanne

  75. Mohinder Verma

    I am still learning from your site , and always i read something good from your site.
    i am extremely impressed with your site.
    thanks for sharing.

  76. Sonia

    The way in which today people are going mad for Seo, It’s getting tougher and tougher for new blogs to rank higher on Google. Through Facebook and Twitter we can increase our traffic a lot. Your post was pretty helpful for me and I’ll obviously implement all your tips

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  78. Rohit Singh

    Awesome ways to get more traffic for blog it really useful and I will try on my blog as it is fairly new and like to see some traffic boost

  79. Amy

    Thank you for this great post! I know I had fallen into the rut of blog post, share on fb, share on twitter (once), instagram it, done… which is only going to get me so far. I appreciate the inspiration to mix it up!

  80. Marvelous Mama

    Thanks for this post! SO many ideas! I am new to blogging and this seems to be one of the most intimidating parts for me. I look forward to giving some of these things a try! Good everyone with expanding your blogs!

  81. Sarah

    I started a fashion/beauty blog for something to do in my spare time. I don’t really use any of these tips to get followers so thanks! Unfortunately I don’t use any social media except facebook and don’t want to post by blog there for my friend to see though..
    Good tips!


  82. German

    Hey Jennine Thanks for a great post and its great tips! Pinterst, Bloglovin’ and Guest posts are the best ways to drive traffic at this moment, I would say to fellow new bloggers let twitter and ‘grams built itself organically. Hope this helps. Thanks!
    German from http://www.sunrefugee.com/

  83. Ashley Howson

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    I’m looking into strategies to grow my blog and I think these will help! Thanks for sharing! I get a lot of traffic to my blog when I share it on Facebook, which I assume are my (awesome) friends. Without creating a fanpage for my blog – do you have any tips on where to share/how to share on Facebook?

  87. Zara Imrie

    Brilliant post this.

    Particularly, I feel, when talking about presenting your post in a number of different formats. The leverage you can get from posting this content in numerous places, in varying formats, is great.

    Plus you can learn what kinds of content work well with which kinds of audience. A great way to laser focus content to the audience you’re trying to capture with that particular post.


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    While writing any blog I make sure I am not explaining my DNA structure. I always keep it simple and easy to understand
    for readers.

    So if you want to make content viral, keep the English simple and standard high.

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