How to Adapt IFB Tips to Fit Your Blog


“Fashion Blogging” is a very broad niche.  Within it, you have personal style bloggers, beauty bloggers, and shopping bloggers.  You have bloggers dedicated to fashion history, lingerie, Japanese make-up, plus-size fashion, disability-accessible fashion, modest fashion, fashion and food, fashion and working out…. you have sites devoted to Tom Ford, Manolo Blahnik, and Alexander McQueen.  There are a million niches I'm forgetting, because fashion is a large, encompassing idea.

As a result, you may find that there are posts on IFB that aren't useful to you. Right now. Ever. But that doesn't mean that all the posts are targeted towards one single niche of the fashion blogging community. After all, IFB is a niche blog itself.

 IFB's goal is to provide useful information that transcends niche and helps users with the blogging experience.

If anything– a great post at IFB has a reach beyond the fashion community. It's applicable to bloggers in any niche: food blogging, mommy blogging, travel blogging.  The blogging experience, and what it takes to build a great blog, is universal.

Take what information is useful for you, your site, and your blog's trajectory.

At IFB, we provide the content.  We look at the problems facing bloggers, the problems ones we've encountered, the ones you face, and are trying to help you work around those problems.  You may not have encountered text link advertisers and how to respond to them.  But you will, one day.  You may not be shooting original photographs for your site; that doesn't mean you one day won't need to take photos of an exhibition or presentation, or tutorial.

It may take a little creativity; you may have to transform our suggestions into something new to fit your site.  It may work, and it may not, but without a bit of innovation, you'll never know how it can impact your site.

How Can I Apply IFB's Posts to My Site?

People often think that IFB is focused on the personal style blogger.  While it's likely the largest fashion blogging niche, the information we use for our sites, and share here, is hardly just for personal style bloggers.

  • Building community isn't just about reaching out and saying, “Great outfit!”  If you're blogging about ethical fashion practices, what kind of relationship do you have with other bloggers?  Have you reached out and built a relationship with sustainable fashion brands? Community is just as much a behind-the-scenes relationship as it is who we tweet to on a Tuesday afternoon.
  • Having a camera and knowing basic photography tips isn't just about snapping your outfit of the day.  if you're a fashion historian, are you ready to take beautiful pictures of the indigenous clothing at your local museum? Or maybe you want to shoot a video blog to showcase the differences in stitches between an antique S-Curve corset and today's mass manufactured ones.
  • Learning the basics of SEO and how to utilize them on your site is beneficial no matter what your site is about.  What good is that awesome review you wrote about Grace Coddington's autobiography if search engines can't find what they need to publicize it?
  • Maybe you're blogging about fashion from the perspective of gender studies…but does that mean your blog's layout is less important than any other site? It's still useful to have graphic design resources at your fingertips; it doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned with selling out your blog.

Most bloggers wear many hats: photographer, writer, editor, graphic designer, publicist, model, and entrepreneur.  Entrepreneur: that's the big one.  Part of being a blogger is taking initiative and making opportunities where there may not be one.  It's about transforming ideas into something that you can make work for you, your site, and your goals.

For the IFB community– I would love to hear how you've taken the information in a post, maybe that wasn't applicable to you, and how you've utilized it for your site.

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5 Responses

  1. Anna Kinga Kiraly

    Blogging is a hard, but a so beautiful hobby/work. “Most bloggers wear many hats” – It’s well said. If somebody wants to build a good blog, nice outfits won’t be enough. We must know design, SEO, photography, photoshop, relationship-building, etc… And IFB helps us! 🙂 I became an user circa one week ago, and I read here a lot of useful tips, and found cool blogs.

  2. Shug Avery

    I have never considered IFB to be a site only for personal style bloggers. In my opinion, each article written there is tailored to be applicable to every category of fashion bloggers. I, myself, am not a personal style blogger, but I am always heading out to IFB because I consider the informations you provide useful for my blog. For example your last piece “3 simple ways to improve your fashion vocab” is important to me since my blog is mostly written and english is not my mothertongue hence the importance to know how to get more fashion vocabulary and then good knowledge in english. The advices given in this article can also be applicable in other areas which are not related to fashion.

    I am grateful such a community exists because it helped at the beginning when I knew nothing about fashion blogging and still help me now when things are getting blurry so thank you !

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  3. Maggie A

    Blogging is definitely not an easy hobby. You have to be ready and willing to be able to work hard and dedicate time to it. The end results are almost always so satisfying.

    I have to say though, that IFB has definitely helped me find a niche for my blog and I am building from there. I now have marketers reaching out to me almost everyday to try and talk about their products. It is truly a great feeling (Being able to share things that make myself and other people happy).

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  4. Melissa Cuentas

    I agree that having a blog is not an easy job, but it really is so fun and it requires lot of hard-work and it will be paid off someday. I’m not a fashion blogger, but I make post related to this topic, I haven’t started posting my look of the days yet but I’m sure I will (soon). IFB have been a great helpful tool to me nowadays, even I consider myself as a spammer of IFB’s tweets, because I’m always “favoriting” their new articles that have somehow been really helpful, I’ve learnt things by my own when I first started blogging but also through IFB. I really really enjoy reading your articles, they’re so good! Thank you so much for helping us out.!

  5. Bernadette

    I read IFB as often as I can, and I have an automotive blog called Doing Donuts With Bernie. Of course it takes some creativity to spin a fashion blog post and figure out how to apply it to a blog like mine. I’ve done it many times, but this blog has been my go to for ideas and advice.