Daily Inspiration: Work for a cause, not applause…



Social media makes it easy to both give and receive “Likes”  likes in the forms of favoriting, retweeting, comments, sharing, etc. Sometimes it feels like a form of validation. Sometimes? Ok, it feels good to get comments and likes on something we worked hard on, no?

It gets to be a slippery slope when it develops into a comment addiction, the “like” validation. Feeling like a post wasn't that good because no one responded to it. Or an Instagram wasn't that good because it “only got 5 likes.”

The feedback loop we get from blogging feels good, but it's important to not lose sight on why we started blogging in the first place. What is our “cause?” Whether it be an outlet for creativity or a personal mission to fill a neglected niche, if we blog for a  purpose the “applause” is just a bonus.


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7 Responses

  1. Hello There, Jade

    This post made me smile 🙂 Been feeling quite irrelevant in the blogosphere lately, although I’m a writer at heart. Sometimes all you need is validation from people to keep you going. But anyhow, thanks for this post!


    • Kiki

      Yeah thanks for this! I go thru times as well when I feel like what’s the point of me blogging anymore! And then there are other days when I say I do this for me and trying to do something different but there are so many bloggers out there?! How to differentiate and find a niche!

      But IFB articles have been so useful. They’re all really really great reads I always take at least 2-3 useful tips out of every article and it’s been v motivating for me to keep going!

  2. Pia

    Great Post. It is challenging not to get caught up in the whole how many likes or comments or followers you get. Validation definitely feels good. Anytime I feel myself falling into this I remind myself that I do this blog for me and if anyone happens to read it and enjoy it then that is just a bonus!


  3. Ivana

    It is great to get positive feedback and validation through visits and comments for sure, but at the end of the day it all comes down to creating a little place for yourself where you can express your thoughts and creativity. And if people like it, that’s a plus.


  4. Sabrina + Mariana

    That’s a great reminder! Something we should keep in mind everyday, because our own appreciation should be what matters most. Feeling connected to what we’re doing, though the validation is always something good because it’s good to know you’re sharing that with someone else.

  5. Memoirs of The Chic

    This is an excellent reminder! A lot of people get caught up in validation and popularity and forget about their passion.