IFB Project Roundup #89: Define Your Style


Describing your own style is kind of like describing your own personality. How do you identify the key elements to communicate who you are? Especially if you're in your own head all day?

This week's project was a challenge, describing something personal like style is difficult, but in reality we're in the business of describing style. Justifying how we put outfits together, discussing trends in fashion, new collections etc. Since we're in the business, it's more important than ever to know who we are. That's why it was such a pleasure to read through this week's submissions. We've got some interesting insights on how people look at their daily ritual of getting dressed every day.

Here are a few highlights…

IFB Project #89: Describe Your Style

Collections + Voumes:

My style, throughout the years has submerged itself with the whatever occasion at the time.
Evolving along with me as I become more comfortable in the skin I'm in.
Exposing the best attributes of my body.
A concoction of: Composed, then erratic, subtle then nitty gritty.

…my growing comfort in my own skin…  has resulted in a very different look from a few years ago. I’ve still kept my love for bright colors and girly silhouettes, just now I incorporate them in a way that is a little more sophisticated, while still being fun.

The quote “No style is my style” (the logan of Shiroi Neko) was the 1st thing that popped into my mind. I have never wanted to define my style, since I feel that would be narrowing. I want to wear what I want without thinking “is this my style?”. If I would have to use one word to define my style, it would be “exploring”.
My style is very casual and comfy, edgy, sometimes monochrome with little pops of colour…
Off the top of my head I would say that my style is quite simple & classic.  I don't get too wild with my outfits of choice, and I've got pieces that I've been wearing time and time again for years without making me feel passé.

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8 Responses

  1. Kenneth Jacobs

    My style is very versatile (I like to call myself a chameleon). I don’t have a specific go to; it really depends on my mood that day. If I decide I want to look dapper and sophisticated one day I will, and the next day I’ll have a bit of an edge by throwing on a pair of combat boots, rolled up jeans and sport a “little black jacket” (OOTD as we speak LOL)


  2. Lara Takahashi

    Oh, thank you so much 🙂
    And thanks to all 🙂
    I had so fun reading all the posts of this project!

    x, Lara Lizard

  3. The Science of Happy

    This may sound silly but does anyone feel like their style is something not expressed in their clothing? My style in my heart is very much pre 60s but I don’t wear those sort of clothing. My taste has been described as weird which I find quite offensive. I get mocked for not wearing what everyone else wears.


  4. Chris

    My style has changed through The years. I normally go for a more rock look,manly blacks and greys but I have added some colour to my wardrobe last year and has brought some designer clothes and some high st clothes. Most of my looks is on my blog.