IFB Project #90: Write a Thank You Letter to Your Readers


Where would we be without our readers? Ok… I kept sketchbooks and diaries, so I would probably keep some kind of project going. But without you, all of you, I would not be able to blog for a living. The most interesting career I could imagine doing.

Without you, this site would be self-indulgent. Because this website is for you it keeps me focused on providing a service.

You challenge me. You challenge me by demanding that I keep improving the content. To explore new things, and to broaden my skill set. Because of you, I've had to grow in ways I never knew possible. And because of that my life has changed for the better.

Thank you.

Thank you for making it happen, and thank you for making me a better person.

IFB Project #90: Write a Thank You Letter to Your Readers

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of getting through the day, in the rush to put out the best content we can. Rushing through other blogs seeing what everyone is doing, commenting, scouring social media channels and Tweeting away, we forget what this is all about.

Our readers.

Our readers come to our site. They compliment us, click on our ads, and affiliates, they follow us, they pay attention to us when there is so many other things to pay attention to. So when was the last time we thanked them?

This week, I ask that you turn your attention to your readers, and thank them for coming to your site. Let them know how they've changed your lives for the better. Maybe highlight a few who have particularly helped you on your journey. Let them know that you are grateful for the experience you have when you blog.

It may change the way you think, you may get a thank you back. Or hey, you just might get to the core of why you love to blog publicly rather than keep a personal journal.

Submit your post below,  by April 11th, 2013…. and be sure to include a link to this post in your post. 

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  1. Catie Beatty

    This is a post I’ve been mulling around for a little while. I think it’s about time I write it 🙂