Daily Inspiration: The Greatest Weapon Against Stress



Who is stressed out there? Come on, it's Monday. That's a stressful day, right?

We live in a culture of stress. Everyone is so busy, overwhelmed, under rested and underpaid. We have to keep up. We can sleep when we're dead, and we can't waste a minute or an opportunity.

I remember the first time I got married (yes, the first one) and when we announced the marriage, everyone came up to me and told me how stressful being a bride is. How I had to make the day perfect, and that it would be a lot of work. Being young and impressionable, I bought into it. It was a rush in a way. I got stressed picking out cake. I stressed out over the flowers, the location… the invitations! Heck, I even found my dress at the first store I went to, but stressed out because it couldn't possibly be the right one. That was what I was supposed to do, right?

Well, the wedding ended up being a great day. The centerpieces came out wrong, the gardenia for my hair was too big, and my grandmother wore sunglasses during the ceremony (she was a little tanked). But you know what? It didn't matter. Everyone had an amazing time.

It was then I first realized that we don't have to stress out.

Now, I'm having a baby (with my new husband) and people are coming up and asking me if I'm stressing out about the birth, the preschool (he's not even born yet!), finding the right daycare, parenting skills, taking maternity leave, balancing work and baby, etc. I may be the worst parent in the world, but I'm not going to freak out about this. After I let stress ruin the process of getting married the first time, I'm not going to let it ruin this time being a parent.

Stress comes from fear that things are not going to work out. If you choose to believe things will work out, you'll be a lot more comfortable in your decisions. You'll be able to stay in the moment, and focus on what's right ahead of you. Stress is a choice, one we don't have to choose.

It's ok to believe that things are going to be ok. And if they aren't ok, well, we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

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  1. The Science of Happy

    Definitely! Our minds are programmed to manifest. Survival of the fittest programs us to fix our issues and threats to “survive”. This may involve dwelling and stressing!

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  2. Natalie

    I love this post, and can totally relate. I got engaged last year and we both decided on an extended engagement. Because of the age of my family members, though, we decided to get married next year. I went right into panic mode. Doesn’t everyone associate planning a wedding with pure hell? Well, I’ve put myself in check and realized that no matter what, we’re still going to have a great day. I feel so much better not having the pressure of making it perfect.

  3. Ally // Digital Diva

    I’m also planning a wedding, my second. My first was basically planned for me abroad, this time there’s so much to do….even though it’s quite a relaxed informal one. I woke up this morning stressing that I wasn’t getting any planning done. Thanks for the reality check! 🙂

    Digital Diva

  4. Cardin Lopez

    Ah, perfect. Exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes I have to force myself to let go, take a walk, breathe.. and I firmly believe self control is the key to happiness.

    Thanks so much,

  5. Nadya Helena

    Ahh yes… I do stress out a lot and my insomnia kicks in everytime I do. I can never sleep right because at night I feel like “No, I have to do this and that first before going to sleep” and voila! I skipped so many classes, my mood’s as cranky as hell, and I felt even more terrible the day after. And this happens A LOT too! I do realize what I’m doing wrong now, and I’m slowly changing that. Thanks Jennine!

    eyeshadow illustrator