IFB Project Roundup #90: Write a Thank You Letter to Your Readers


There were a few reasons why I thought this would be a good exercise for the community. One was to turn the tables on our readers. They come by and compliment us every day, on our thoughts and our outfits.  We do give a lot to our readers, but saying thanks back and showing appreciation is an exercise of gratitude.  The other reason is, that it highlights the joys we have in blogging, since so often we focus on what needs to be improved… Improvement is a bottomless pit, and it's important to appreciate where you are in order to really know what your next step is going to be.

I had a great time reading through the project roundup this week, there were some very touching expressions of gratitude, which inspired me to act upon my own gratitude more often. It's such a positive experience, even if you haven't submitted to this week's project, it's a good thing to keep in mind when you're feeling frustrated with your blog… because it will change things around.

Here are some of the highlights! Please have a look at the full roundup, because there are a lot of gems in there too!

IFB Project Roundup #90

Butterfly Parkway:

I sort of just jumped into a blogging career with a sole expectation to allow my company to reach a larger demographic. I had no idea, that it would turn into an actually extension on my life, that I would meet new friends with similar ambitions, that I would be able to touch the lives of others that I’ve never even met and that God has truly given me the clarity that I prayed for when I turned away from the career that I spent my whole life working for…

Poor and Pretty:

Yesterday, I looked back at my oldest posts and realized holy cow, I’ve been writing Poor & Pretty for four and a half years. Then I had another realization: I wouldn’t have continued writing if I didn’t have you.

My Digital Diaries:

“Thanks”, I rarely say that word here on my blog, and now I really want to thank each one of you for visiting my blog, for leaving those comments that brighten up my days, that make me smile and made me go bed so happy, I wouldn't “be here” where I am neither I could have finally MADE my DREAM come true because of you, thank you for inspiring me…

The Style Fever:

When I still had not a fashion blog, I thought this world was kinda a war, a “feud” between bloggers, a fight to the latest outfit, the latest fashion purchase, the latest trends, the latest collaboration with brands. When I became part of this world, I really realized how much solidarity there is, how much sisterhood exists between us, how many sweet and inspiring friends I've found.

City Muse Magazine:

I will always be grateful and loyal to ALL of YOU by staying true to who I AM, continuing to sharpen my skills, going as far as I can with my creativity, but most importantly open to new ideas from my readers.

[Image credit: Butterfly Parkway]

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  1. CrissyM

    Hola Jennine & IFB migentes,

    Everyone’s thank you letter’s to their readers are awesome. I’m still catching up with reading the rest on this project.

    Congratulations to you all! 😀