IFB Project #91: What does sustainable style mean to you?


Earth Day is coming up, and while every day is “Earth Day” it's certainly nice to have a special day when we reflect on the environment. I've always loved the idea of supporting environmental causes, because, you know it makes sense to take care of the planet.. but it wasn't until this year that the changes in the weather started to really freak me out. I lived in Lower Manhattan when Hurricane Sandy hit… and while having no power for four days is nothing compared to the devastation many of our neighbors experienced, it did make things personal.

I'm not going to get on a soapbox about the environment, I still have difficulties sorting out the trash to go in the appropriate bins (is it recycle or compost?).. and my consumerism certainly needs a lot of work. But we all approach supporting the environment in different ways. Yesterday, Grechen wrote an excellent post about supporting sustainable style, and how we as a community can influence change.

IFB Project #91: What does sustainable style mean to you?

Write a post about sustainable style. Maybe highlight an outfit that embodies sustainability? Whether it be ethically produced clothing, clothing repair projects, vintage/recycled/upcycled fashion, or investing in quality items so you don't have to consume as much. Each person has their own take.

Submit your post below, and be sure to include a link to IFB  in your post.  I will be setting up a new Pinterest board for this project as well!

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7 Responses

  1. Claire Mabry

    I have a GREAT book on sustainable fashion. It’s “Style, Naturally” by Summer Rayne Oakes. It’s basically a shopping guide to sustainable fashion and beauty and covers clothing, shoes, beauty produces, bags, jewelry, etc… It’s even printed on recycled paper with veggie-based ink and 1% of proceeds go to energy action! (So you KNOW it’s legit.) I got it in this super cute boutique, but the website provided on the inside jacket of the book is http://www.chroniclebooks.com.

    It’s got great photos too! Highly recommend it to those fashionistas who are also environmentalistas. Green isn’t just the color of the year, it’s the new “black” environmentally speaking. It’s good to educate ourselves!

  2. Rachel from My Fair Vanity

    SO pleased to see this project! This is what I live and breathe on my blog, and I love seeing IFB shine a spotlight on a more sustainable approach to fashion. Also love discovering so many other blogs that have an eco-conscious angle.

  3. AprylJane

    Love this project and agree w/ @Rachel – thanks so much for posting something about Eco Fashion Jennine! I was searching through IFB’s archive earlier and didn’t see anything so I’m really excited this is a nice fresh project for us to munch on 🙂 Totally bookmarking the blogs that have commented and posted links and adding to my list of eco-fashionista’s to chat with too!

  4. Maggie

    This was such a great idea! I’m excited that the first new project to be posted since I joined IFB was one I could confidently contribute to! I’m excited to look through all of these.