Daily Inspiration: Your words have great power…


Most of us blog by ourselves. In a room, quietly in front of a computer. We can't actually see what happens on the other side of the screen, the people reading what we have to say, how they feel, how it affects them. Even if you have only one reader, your words may be the inspiration they need for the day. You never know.

We make our thoughts real just by publishing them. It can be powerful, and why not use that power to make the internet (and the world) a better place? Inspire your readers to explore or to stand up for themselves. Support the community with your words, and see what happens. You might be surprised by the joy you find in blogging.

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  1. Love And Mascara

    I completely agree with you on this! Many of us start blogging because we were inspired by someone or something. Words are very powerful. I think this Is very important. Just as it is to connect with your readers and building long lasting relationships.

  2. The Science of Happy

    Love this piece, I find a lot of people say harsh things because they’re behind a computer. It’s almost like a protective shield. I also want to point out that in an atmosphere of negativity, especially one you’ve been used to for so long – it is hard to break out of the spell of speaking and feeling only fair and positive things.

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  3. Debbie Baker Burns

    Yesterday morning, at my church, my pastor covered this very topic. Our tongues…what we say…can either bless people or hurt people. I’ve always believed that even when keeping things real, it’s important to inspire and give others hope. And we have such a voice online, who knows where our words could end up? It’s a responsibility and what better way to handle that responsibility than by using it to do just as you say…”make the internet (and the world) a better place. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com