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This week, we're going to do something a little different. We're going to do a group workshop on writing post titles. Take a look at the Glamour magazine cover above, the titles are designed to catch your attention on a newsstand. It has all the components that make a great blog post title (numbered list, “power words,” controversy,  makes a promise, solves a probelm..etc). What's more, is once you get practice writing sexy post titles becomes second nature. Becoming an expert at writing post titles is not only fun and easy, helps your blog in several ways:

  • Increases your traffic
  • It's a great marketing tool on social media and SEO
  • It tells your readers what your post is about
  • It helps you clarify your point

Last week, I wrote a post about how to write post titles that increase your traffic, and thought to take it one step further and set up a mini workshop on how to improve your individual post titles.

Crafting a great post tile may take a few more minutes, but to tell the truth, it's worth every second.

Crafting a great post tile may take a few more minutes, but to tell the truth, it's worth every second. All it takes is practice and paying attention to your analytics to see what works with your audience the best.


Read: Posts that help your titles

Why reinvent the wheel? Many bloggers before you have struggled with the issue of growing their blog and traffic. Here are a few posts I've found helpful to learn the craft of post titles (including the one on IFB):

Take what information resonates with you, and integrate it in your post title!


Now, the Workshop!

It's simple… read all the links above, and craft a traffic-driving post title for your next post.

  • Submit your link to the widget below.
  • On Sunday, I will pick the top five most compelling post titles, and five post titles that need work (and why).
  • Remember, it's not just your post title, your content has to reflect the title.
  • On Monday, I will write a post dissecting why the post titles work, and why they don't.
  • Be sure to let me know in the comments below about your experience writing the post title:  Was it easier/harder than you thought? Was the title effective in peaking interest from your readers? How did your post title affect your post?

Now, submit your link! Only posts dated April 15th, 2013 or later will be considered for critique.

[Image credit: Glamour.com]

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  1. Alissa Kelly

    When I was writing today’s post last night (White Trousers) I knew that I wanted them to be the focal point of the post – which I try to do each post. They’re such a great find and I figured a lot of people would search for it, so that’s why I named my post as such. I feel like this post title was a lot easier to come up with – sometimes I have a lot of trouble coming up with a title, especially if it’s an item I always wear.

    Looking forward to your feedback!


  2. Ashley

    I write a weekly blog post about my thrift finds called “Thrifted Thursday.” Every Thrifted Thursday post includes “Thrifted Thursday” and the item I thrifted, for example “Thrifted Thursday: The Apron.” I have actually always wondered whether making the Thursday singular or plural (Thursdays) would drive more traffic. Wouk love to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks and great way to include your readers!

  3. anne m bray

    I confess… I wrote my snappy title before reading any of the links and even before reading this post. I was procrastinating on finishing getting my taxes done when I made the Polyvore set, where the title first appeared. [Thank goodness for e-file!]

    After linking here, I decided to add the badly moireed picture of my refunds, so that the ending image reflected back to the beginning.

  4. Paola

    Just sent my article 🙂
    This time it wasn’t hard to find a post title, mabye because I had read very carefully all your suggested links.
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Nikola Mileta

    Well, I must say that writing titles is not such a problem for me since I am an art director working in magazine publishing for almost 20 years.
    I have even worked in few women’s magazines. Although my blog is for men same rules apply.

    My blog is only one month old and I will have to do some research about which articles are driving the most traffic. But from what I have seen so far, articles which have “How To” in their title tend to be visited more than the others.

  6. Evelin Ureña

    Writing is one my passions aside from fashion, food, and interior design. I enjoy all things creative, so coming up with “sexy” or creative names for my blog posts or anything I write is something I always look forward to.

  7. Joyce

    Adding numbers to the title definitely made a difference! I started writing the post by centering around making an outfit quickly but after I read through the articles you linked, I changed it to making outfits under 5 minutes so it’s less vague. And after doing so, this post was pinned and repinned on pinterest more than usual. Thank you for this workshop!

  8. Jolly Caucus Race

    I was in two minds about writing this post in the first place because I was aware of how it might be misinterpreted but it is something that has moved me for years and I felt I had to get it off my chest.
    I wanted to portray two attitudes in the title- that I was ok with being slim but also that I was hurt and disgusted at how the media and general public were treating people who are naturally slim.
    I think I have managed to get those two aspects across while hopefully leaving it open enough that a potential reader will want to find out more and hopefully read the whole article 🙂 Be happy & healthy folks! http://jollycaucusrace.blogspot.com/2013/04/thin-proud-hypocrisy-of-weight-bashing.html

  9. Jolly Caucus Race

    I wanted to express two aspects in my post title ‘Thin & Proud – The Hypocrisy of Weight-Bashing’. One of being ok with my own appearance, and one of being unhappy with the general attitude towards women’s weight.

    Obviously I was worried about the title as I was aware that someone could misinterprate it as ‘pro-ana’ or even an ego trip! I went with my gut instinct and used it anyway. Hopefully it will encourage someone read through the whole post so that they can understand where I’m coming from 🙂

  10. Barbara

    I am still a bit off as regards post titles. I usually just go for straight to the point titles eg. Product Review, How To etc.
    I should think of a better way to spice even those I guess. Shame I am just seeing this post, would have loved to submit a link too.


  11. Alyssa Martinez

    Writing the “juicy post title” was easier for me, my blog posts always have very descriptive titles to make people curious (it’s my goal), the hard part for me is writing the content, to make the readers continue to get interested.

  12. Kailin Villamar

    This challenge was awesome because it gave me an incentive to think of great content for my newly started blog! I chose the title ‘Why J. Crew Isn’t Just for Michelle Obama’ because 1. I love J. Crew and 2. People love Michelle. The title was definitely effective because my views spiked up to a great amount from this site and others in a day!

    This project was awesome because now I will always rethink how I can make my titles juicy rather than clever.