Daily Inspiration: When you change the way you look at things…


Once I was in therapy complaining about how much my life sucked. Ok.. more than once… but this time I was listing out everything that was wrong with my life, like my crappy apartment, my boring job, my car was broken, and I didn't have a boyfriend. My therapist quickly pointed out I lived in a great neighborhood in a beautiful city, at least I got to be creative for a living, that it was nice to actually have a car… and not having a boyfriend only meant more time to do as I pleased.

It dawned on me that there are several ways to look at any situation, and it's just a matter of changing perspective. It took some time to change the perspective, and to be honest, my default perspective isn't always bright and sunny, but it's amazing how looking at things differently opens up a whole world of new possibilities.

When it comes to blogging, that lesson can be applied when facing adversity, either not in growing fast enough (maybe your blog is growing as it needs to grow?), or being overwhelmed with the responsibilities (maybe it's time to set some boundaries, and feel grateful for the success?).

The things in your life do change when you look at them differently. Give it a try and see.

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  1. Mich

    I had a similar a-ha moment with my boss, when he forced me to accept responsibility for my own misery – and with that, my own happiness. I used to be really good at recognizing that we are in control of such things, but I’ve slipped lately.