5 Questions to ask yourself before you start another blog

Starting a new blog

I refer to myself sometimes as a serial blogger, although it would be much more accurate to say that I'm a serial blog STARTER: I have seven blogs, plus one blog/business I run with two friends, and a directory website. They are all different, and over the years I've given them all more and less attention, but lately, my two main blogs have taken up all of my time, and the others are mostly neglected. I want to focus my attention on ALL of them, but my time management skills are such that it never happens. And the truth is that my two main blogs pay my bills right now, so I HAVE to put most of my energy into them.

Starting a second, or third blog isn't for everyone, but what if you're itching to discuss other subjects that just don't fall under your original niche? Or your niche is too small to accommodate anything else? There are obviously bloggers who talk about everything successfully on one blog (“lifestyle” and “mommy” bloggers come to mind), but there are also benefits to starting new blogs (completely new audience, new revenue stream, different goals…) if you're up for it.

To see if you have it in you to be a “serial blogger,” ask yourself these questions:


Do you have enough content for a separate blog?


I started my second blog only a couple of years after my first because my first blog was getting cluttered up with quick, short coupon codes posts (2-3/day) that I thought would have worked better on their own site. When I started the new site just for coupon codes & sales, it freed up my main site for outfit posts, general shopping posts and whatever else I wanted to talk about, which my readers appreciated. The sites are different enough that I do have different audiences, but I've found that a lot of my readers follow both. Most of all though, they appreciate that my main site has stayed true to what it started out as, and all the “extra” stuff goes on other blogs.

This can be tricky though, so ask your readers what they think (I do that all the time). Ask them if they like everything on one site, even if it doesn't always “fit” within your original niche, or if they'd rather have it on a separate site. Some of your readers won't be interested in food posts, or travel posts, and you could potentially be opening yourself up to a whole new audience by starting a new blog focusing on other topics. But at the end of the day you also have to WANT to start a new blog and deal with everything that comes with it; you can't allow your readers to make decisions for you, or feel like you have to keep them happy above all. First, you must be happy so you can create valuable content – if you're not, or having multiple blogs stresses you out, then just don't do it.


Do you like starting and designing blogs?


I think I've finally come to the realization that I like starting/designing blogs more than I like the actual blogging part (hence the several neglected blogs!). If you DON'T like dealing with blog upkeep or design and all the little things that come with having a blog, then DO NOT start another blog. Maybe think about compartmentalizing your main blog into sections if you want to talk about “new” things without them cluttering up your main blog.


Can you manage your time?


As I mentioned above, time management is one of my biggest problems when it comes to having multiple blogs; I'm constantly coming up with content for them, but I can never find the time to post any of it! I do feel compelled to focus most of my time on the two main blogs that provide my income, although I know the others could be successful if I nurtured them. The truth is that I simply spread myself to thin and am trying now to find a way back so none of my content will suffer, and that requires better management of my day than I have yet been able to achieve. Whether you have two, or seven blogs, there's really no point in having any of them if you can't produce high-quality content without wanting to tear your hair out everyday trying to figure out how…


Can you use a new blog as a portfolio?

You might want to consider starting a new blog if you're using your current one as a stepping point to something else. Create a new blog and make it a portfolio of work, focused on your services, etc., while your main blog stays focused on fashion, or beauty. Instead of just mentioning on your contact page that you're available for freelancing, or photo shoots, a new blog with robust content focusing on work you've already done, along with pricing, contact information and references is a much more powerful tool, and having a dedicated site just for your business is more professional than links on your about page, or contact page on your blog.


Will a new blog provide another revenue stream?


A second niche blog, can be a great way to earn more money from blogging, whether it's from advertising or affiliate sales, or even selling goods or services. Separating out your content can open yourself up to new advertisers and affiliates who are completely focused on your new niche blog, where they might not have been as relevant on your first. This was the case for me when I started my eco-fashion blog, and it could work if you wanted to start a new travel blog – or food blog. I've found it's better to separate your niches out if you can – the more focused the better!

What do you think? do you have multiple blogs? What has your experience been running them?

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7 Responses

  1. Lee Anne

    Great points! I feel like a serial blogger too but I only have one main blog and then another I work on sometimes. I think I just love the idea of having multiple blogs because I start to read a new blog and I think OMG I want to have a blog like this! I love working with bloggers to promote their blogs as well 🙂 It’s a good feeling! 🙂 Blog ON!

  2. Paulette Hughes

    I think that multiple blogs can be a good thing, if you are organized enough to plan posts in advance, etc. I consolidated my fashion and writing blog last year, but now I am really enjoying food and food photography, so I am in the planning phase of a new recipe and food blog. It’s scary to branch out, but I really believe some subjects shine best on their own.

  3. The Science of Happy

    My blog is not a revenue stream and I doubt it will be but while I started a new blog, rather than owning and actively writing through both, I abandoned my older blog as my style and personality had changed since then and I was no longer happy with the quality of it. My new blog I am much more proud of and while I have a much lower amount of followers on my new 6 month blog, I am a lot happier with it than I am my old blog. I write better, the photos are better, the layout is better and I’m a lot happier about what I write about. Before I used to be over-consumed in materials with my blog posts mainly consisting of hauls but now I write about things that are meaningful. I do still write about the silly things but I think it’s important to realise that it’s not the end of the world if your mascara has dried out!

    For anyone interested, my MAC giveaway is still running!


  4. Shug Avery

    My main blog is focused on fashion and culture but few time ago I decided to open a Tumblr only dedicated to photography where I’ll put words on pictures that particularly touched me and showcase some of my modelling projects. While I did find a very interesting new niche I got caught up with managing my time so I just stopped writing my photographic blog when I’m missing it a lot.

    I just want to find the right balance to be able to plan as much posts as possible for my main blog in order to be posting at least once a week on my photographic Tumblr. I haven’t find yet the balance I am seeking for hence my decision to take a blogvacation to brainstorm, write new posts for my main blog and reflecting well on my Tumblr because photography is really something I love.

    This post was really useful, I will certainly coming back and take notes to apply it to both of my blogs.

    Shug Avery of Incognito

    my main blog : http://www.thinkincognito-eng.blogspot.com
    my Tumblr : http://www.shootthatshug.tumblr.com

  5. Hey Mishka

    I write for several blogs, but if I had to fully manage more than 2, I would probably throw in the towel. One blog alone requires so much attention and dedication if you’re going to sustain it. Hats off to you if you can stay sane and maintain the brand DNA of each one.

    My whole thing in 2013 is narrowing down what I am focusing on and putting more energy into fewer projects, so this doesn’t necessarily resonate with me but I can appreciate the amount of time and energy it must take.


  6. Martha

    Grechen … I can definitely see the benefits of separating out my blog and starting others to highlight my writing, my services, etc. I don’t know how I’d ever find the time, though. I think if I was focusing on the blogs as my source of income I’d be able to do it, but for now all of my info is in one place.

    BTW.. you’ve totally inspired me and I am doing my first giveaway tomorrow (it’s not fashion so I won’t be submitting it to you). Come by for a visit, though!

    And P.S. My Sweaty Betty package finally arrived! 🙂

  7. Purbita Ditecha

    There are thousands of blogs are being created daily in the virtual world but only a few follow the rules of the blogging either unknownly or neglect them . So your points will make a perfect blog and blogger too .