IFB Project #92: Show us your jewels!


Jewelry, whether it be costume or the fine kind…  brings a little sparkle to our steps.

It can make an outfit and can make you smile. It can be passed from generation to generation… or just last through the season. But how often does your jewelry take front and center on your blog?

IFB Project #92: Show us your jewelry!

Whether it be family heirlooms, your private stash, or baubles you've hung onto over the years, put together a post about your jewelry collection. Above are a few things my grandmother handed down to me after she passed away. It makes for a lovely post, especially if you have stories about your jewelry…where did it come from? Where did you wear it?

Submit your post below, and be sure to include a link to IFB  in your post.  I will be setting up a new Pinterest board for this project as well!

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12 Responses

  1. Louise

    Oooh, a perfect opportunity to write about the gorgeous paste that my husband bought for me on our wedding day.

  2. Paweit Dyal

    This idea is fantabulous! I can’t wait to see all of the entries!!!! I’m in extreme excitement right now! Somebody give me a fan, I need some air!
    xx Paweit from:

  3. The Chic Spy

    I hate I missed this one too! When is the deadline for these each week?