Daily Inspiration: The best way to predict the future is to create it…


Horoscopes, palm reading, speculating… we all have our fun ways to predict the future. I used to LOVE the “Magic 8 Ball” It was so much fun (and eerily right sometimes).

Having insight into what is going to happen in the future has intrigued humans throughout ages, but the only real way to have any kind of insight into what will happen is to create your future.

Plan, take action, and trust that you can accomplish your goals. It may not happen when you'd like, or even how you'd like…but somehow, it will come true. It may take more work than a horoscope, but I bet you'll feel happier creating your own future.

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  1. Ashley S.

    I really love these daily Inspirations !
    They help me get fueled in the AM…
    Ashley Salinas