13 Ways to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh

keep blog content fresh

After having my first blog in 2004, I've learned that keeping things fresh is one of the most important and difficult things to do as a blogger. How do you evolve and grow without losing your reader base? How do you experiment without making mistakes? How do you keep coming up with new ideas on the same topic day in and day out?

Over the years, I've struggled with this a lot. It is one of the components of blogging that never goes away, never gets solved and never bores me. It is the challenge that keeps blogging interesting!

Even if you are new to your blog, you will run into days where you have run out of ideas. Maybe you've hit a wall and you don't know how to get back into the groove. Or maybe, you've lost touch with your readers and you need to reconnect.

Get excited about your niche (again)

Julia Child once said, “Find something you're passionate in and keep tremendously interested in it. Enthusiasm goes a long way, your readers can tell when you're passionate about your blog topic and when you're going through the motions. One of the things I've noticed about bloggers who stay at the top, is they're intensely passionate about their blog's topic, and are excited to be able to write about it every day. You'll need that excitement and enthusiasm to give you enough energy to keep things fresh.


Stay teachable

There is no subject that one can know “everything” about. If you think you know everything there is to know about your subject, you're not looking hard enough. Being teachable means you're open to new information and you seek out new knowledge. You never know how this will translate in your blog.

Stay on top of the news

The world is always changing, and these days things change faster than most can keep up with. Stay on top of the news, follow trends in social media, technology and marketing, along with news in your topic (Fashion? Start with WWD).

Identify your “blind spots”

This can be tricky, since blind spots are things you cannot see. Talk to several people about your blog and see what's missing. Maybe there is an avenue you have left to explore.

Experiment with new features

Changing up your editorial calendar is a good way to break out of a routine and freshen things up with. You may not want to give up your most popular features (unless you are sick of them) but adding in new content types might lead you to more exploration.

Find new bloggers in your niche

Every blogger runs the risk of becoming old hat. If you're looking to stay relevant, stay in tune with the newbies on the scene. Staying fresh might mean more than just your content, but look at trends in design and see how people relate to the newer bloggers.


Explore other niches and see how you can apply to your blog

You may just be looking too much at a narrow niche. Other blogs need to keep things fresh as well, so take a look around and see how other bloggers have dealt with evolving their content. It would be a fantastic place to take inspiration from!


Read books/watch films/go to lectures on your blog topic, see how their approach differs from yours

Maybe you're thinking too much like a blogger? See how your niche is treated in other mediums, maybe you can find some approaches that are very much needed on your blog!


Steal other peoples ideas and make them your own

Plagiarism sucks, but the reality is nothing is original. You can steal other people's ideas and as long as you TRANSFORM them into a way that works for you, you're not a thief. Why reinvent the wheel? It's all part of the evolution process.


Focus on quality over quantity

Maybe you're just posting to post. Focus on creating quality content that you can get excited about. Sheer volume may not be the way for you, and crafting amazing content that really gets your readers excited can really be infectious!


Write a guest post on another blog about why your niche is amazing

This is a great reason to revisit all the reasons why you fell in love with your blog's niche!


Write a gratitude list about your blog

In the spirit of revisiting why you love your blog, gratitude lists are a fantastic way to display all the reasons you have for being enthusiastic about your niche.


Get together with other bloggers in your niche

Nothing gets your juices flowing like meeting with like minded people who are equally as enthusiastic about your niche! Get together, have conversations, explore new ideas and you'll be amazed by what you walk away with!

How do you keep your blog content fresh?


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20 Responses

  1. sarah

    best advice ever! soooooo goood and extremely practical! thank you so much 🙂 as a 9 months old lingerie blogger I can totally relate to this post. Novice blogger might not understand how important this post is, but read it! you have to!

  2. Lauren // thepearshape

    To keep my content feeling fresh I look to other niches of blogs for inspiration: DIYers, Petite bloggers, etc. I think that finding inspiration and making it your own is the key to new, interesting content and that is what I try and do with my very niche corner of the internet 🙂

  3. Billy Ralf Sombilon

    cool!,..love the tips,..thanks… being a new blogger really requires dedication to stay longer,. :)))))

  4. stylecurated

    There are so many different elements to “try out.” I think consistency is key. In the process of experimenting with different elements, it gets confusing if you don’t go back to something that repeats. As a relatively new blogger, sometimes I struggle with scope and keeping within a niche–a lot of times I just want to write about everything!

  5. Jamie

    A lot of these ideas are really great. But if you’re “stealing other people’s ideas” then aren’t you in fact not keeping your blog fresh or true to yourself?

  6. Kailin Villamar

    Being a new blogger (5 posts in), I am learning that there is a balance to keeping things “fresh” and finding a style. Sometimes, I have to remember that when blogging the key is to remember what I am are trying to do/convey to the audience. Am I just telling them my thought ramblings or am I actually helping the readers? OR am I doing both at the same time?–which would be what I ideally would love.

    I never thought that blogging would keep me going everyday but it’s truly amazing how it has helped me find more of a purpose. You would think that we would be fortunate and content with a 9-5 job but there is so much more out there than just being comfortable. Let’s shake things up a bit more. Long live the blogosphere!

  7. Kamea

    I’m really not keen to the idea of “stealing someone’s idea and making it my own”, unless you credit them back because they were the inspiration behind your post. This has happened to me twice in two weeks, and the blogger that committed this vicious act is a follower of mine, but she has more followers me (I have 19, she has 70+) . I was pretty upset that she stole my idea, and although it wasn’t complete plagiarism, GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT’S DUE.

  8. Wilde Hunt Corsetry

    Museums are great sources of inspiration – no matter what niche you are in. I recently visited a local historic garment collection with my best friend on my birthday. While I normally just write about the corsets I create or things which are strictly corsetry related – the experience of studying these antique textiles was so inspiring that I decided I had to share it with my readers. It was a nice detour and I received a lot of traffic because of it. You can read about my experience here: http://www.wildehunt.com/antique-textile-adventure-part-one-embroidery/

  9. Sarah

    I love looking at trends either on twitter, google or even yahoo. See if there’s something there I can work with.

    I love all your tips 🙂

  10. Jane

    Finding new bloggers in my niche and connecting with them helps me stay fresh. New bloggers have lots of new and fresh ideas (usually with some nice creative spin) – while religiously reading the big blogs in the industry helps keep up, when it comes to having creative fresh ideas, new blogs are a sure fire place to go.

    Also reader’s comments on my own blog helps in this regard.

  11. Lorne Marr

    Well, the article is pretty good, except for the piece of advice concerning stealing other bloggers’ ideas. Seriously? And “nothing is original”? That sounds like lame excuse for such conduct. Do not misunderstand me, I’m not here to moralize. My point is that I’m not interested in reading something, which has been recycled 100 times before. Neither the readers are. And it actually applies to art in general, since I regard top blogging as art.

  12. Ariana

    Great post! I hit a wall about a month ago and ran out of content. These are some helpful tips and ideas I will implement into my blog.

    Shopaholic Undercover

  13. MJ

    Great tips overall. I think you can build on content without swiping it. Nothing is worse than seeing the same article 20,000 times on the internet verbatim.

    Originality is key. You are right..nothing will be 100 percent but we should give our readers more than an exact copy of someone else’s work.