3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Ad Sales

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“How can I get more advertisers?” Most every blogger who's chosen to monetize will ask herself this question at some point in her career. IFB has a ton of amazing advice for bloggers who've opted to sell their own ad space, but what happens when you've got the basics down and are hitting a brick wall anyway? Is there anything you can do to jumpstart your ad sales and turn some of those potential advertisers into committed advertisers? Take a look at these 3 tips and then tell us your thoughts in the comments:

Follow up!

It may sound obvious, but follow up is so important when it comes to closing the deal. Why? Because people are really, really busy. Most folks have more on their to-do list than they could possibly achieve in a given day, and the brands wanting to advertising with you are no different. Don't let your e-mail get lost in someone's inbox; be proactive by following up on interest. My personal rule is to wait until a week or so after my initial reply, and then send out a brief e-mail (usually just a few sentences long) that asks if the brand received my media kit and if they have any questions or would like to have a conversation about it. If you follow up a second time and still don't get a response, it's probably safe to assume the brand isn't interested in advertising with you at this time. But you won't know for sure if you don't follow up.

Vary your ad sizes and prices.

Instead of making all your ads available in one size at one rate, play with offering different sizes and different rates. Can you sell 125×125 ads in addition to 300×250 ones? Can you make most of your ad space available to larger brands with larger budgets, but keep a few reserved ad spaces for independent brands with smaller budgets? Can you offer ad space in increments of weeks instead of months? There are lots of ways to implement this kind of strategy, but the most important thing is to give brands choices so they can purchase the ad that's the best fit with their strategy and their budget. A variety of ad options gives you more opportunities to attract advertisers, and when you widen the net, you're often more likely to catch what you want.

Offer incentives.

Incentives are a great way to convert a potential client into a paying client. Some people automatically equate incentives with discounts, but an incentive can also mean giving away complimentary extras. For example, offering a client bonus ad time if they pay by a certain deadline (such as within 48 hours) is an incentive. So is throwing in a gift package of sponsored posts or sponsored social media updates if they take out a longer term contract. If a potential client seems hesitant about advertising with you, talk with them about what their concerns are and what they're hoping to get from the advertising relationship. Then brainstorm ways to help make that happen.The key here is to be creative (but, of course, ethical) and to come up with ways you can both get brands to start advertising with you and keep advertising with you.

What do you do to increase ad sales? Any tips for your fellow fashion bloggers?

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  1. erikarodica

    Awesome tips Cora! However, one must need to establish a good audience first before they pitch in advertisements for their blogs. This is where I’m at currently 🙂

    🙂 Erika

    • Cora Harrington

      Of course! We’re all at different points when it comes to blogging. Some advice is good for people who are just starting out. Some advice is good for people who are a bit further along. 🙂

  2. Laura

    Very good article!
    Maybe one day my blog is a bit more popular and I might be able to sell my ad space =)

    • Cora Harrington

      I hope so too! Just keep working at it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Duckie

    Great post but I think you should also write an article about how to get started in advertising for all those who are still building their audience but looking to start getting a jump on monetizing their blogs. If there were articles written on the subject before, maybe you should mention them so that we can take a look at those as well.

    Also, an article about media kits and how to pitch your blog would be very helpful to those just starting out as well.

    My advice to new bloggers is to participate in Ad Swaps with other bloggers. This helps you build your audience and will also allow others to advertise on your blog without having to pay a fee.

    • Cora Harrington

      Those are great suggestions! 🙂

      IFB has a LOT of articles on creating your own media or starting your own ad sales (I used them when I began selling my own ads!), so this article is for bloggers who already have some familiarity with media kits and ad sales are looking for more next level ideas. Sometimes, it’s good to have resources that move a bit beyond the basics.

  4. Fashion Studio

    Great tips Cora. I had a look at your blog. It’s impressive!

  5. Kny Fortaleza

    It’s great to read this info. An advertiser asked me about the rates and since ads are new to me. I dont know what to tell them. I just said what is their basic. And said $5. I asked for a higher. Is $5 good for a start?

  6. Jacqueline

    My blog is relatively new, so I am holding off on monetizing it until my traffic builds. This is a definite save! Thanks for the tips.

  7. Dia Wanderley Vale

    I am Dia, a Brazilian Blogger who lives in Argentina. Currently my only form of inflow of money from my blog DIAWHO? is my online store (WHO’Shop) that I recently opened. Your post really served to help me take another step. Thank you.

    I invite you to visit my blog DIA WHO? and followme in instagram @diawho1 Hope you like it.
    Beijos. Besos. Kisses.

  8. Amadi Bethel

    Thanks for those wonderful tips, i just started, not more than 2 months and i have about 30K pageviews in a month and i have 1K pageview everyday, i can monetize my ad space on my blog, i really need your response.

  9. Alex

    Hey Cora
    I just read your post Monetizing Your blog! And I have to say this one has also a lot of helpful informations for me! Thanks again.
    Keep posting about ad costs, its very interesting for us bloggers!


  10. Milady

    Hey Cora,

    If you care so much about women, then why did you lie on one of your LinkedIn pages about being an advocate at the Seattle Y? Why do you attack women you dislike and bully them? Why do you write to their employers?

    • Cora Harrington

      Hi Milady,

      Thank you for getting in touch with me here. While it has been several years since I worked for the YWCA (and, also, several years since I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile), I am a former employee of the YWCA of Seattle King and Snohomish counties. And, during my time there, I was employed as an advocate.

      That said, based on what you’ve reported here, I am very concerned that someone may be threatening or bullying people using my name, and I take those kinds of reports very seriously. If you could send me an email with screenshots of the bullying or a copy of the notes you believe I’ve sent to people’s employers, I would like to investigate what’s happening. You can also send this information to me through Twitter (my handle is @lingerie_addict) or Facebook (my FB page is facebook.com/TLAfans). And, of course, you could always reply here.

      Thank you again for alerting me to this issue, and I hope to receive more information from you soon.

      Cora Harrington