Daily Inspiration: We are all connected.


In this day and age, with everyone connected through social media “We are all connected” may sound like a truism.

On the surface, sure, we're all on the same plane in the digital world, but when it comes to community. We are indeed all connected, connected through building a culture that we are all part of. You may not notice, but every thing you do as a blogger contributes to the community. When bloggers supportive and inspiring as well as being ungracious. Even if our actions reaches one person, it does cause a ripple effect.

So how does it change the way you blog when you think of being part of something larger? I know personally, I would not have the enthusiasm to blog if it were not for the greater whole. It gives me purpose… as we are all connected.

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6 Responses

  1. Melinda's Musings

    Thinking about the bigger picture of blogging definitely inspires me. Since living a greener, more ethical life is something that’s important to me I’ve decided my blog is a great venue to share that. In addition to posting about fashion, art, and travel I’ve recently decided to include a “Daily Green Tip” at the end of each of my posts. Hopefully inspiring everyone to live a more purposeful life!

  2. Nadya N.

    I feel more encourage! It feels horrible when you talk to someone and that person is not listening so to know that there are people who might be listening just gives me happiness(?) hahaha

  3. Stéphanie

    Waouw! That is so true! Some of us might think it “that it is indeed for “the greater whole”, but when put into words so beautifully it is even better. We must think an see beyond!