Daily Inspiration: The only success…


What does it mean to be a “successful blogger?”

Answers are extraordinarily varied, yet popularity, traffic an profile seem to dominate the definitions for the top successful bloggers. But does that mean success for everyone? Is it real success?

What good is success if you're not living the life you want to live? That's why the only real success is spending your live in your own way. A way that you enjoy, that encourages growth and well being (unless you're not into that). Whatever a great life looks to you, how it fits with your personality and your goals… achieving that is the definition of success.

The rest is just fluff.

So when you're outlining your goals, dreaming of success, don't get caught up in what success looks like in other people. Know yourself, because that's the only way to find a life that's successful for you.

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    thats what i always tell, and most of the time i dont get a good reaction because people are so caught up in living a life that others want them to live or living the life that is socially acceptable, that they consider it the best way.