IFB Project Roundup #92: Show us your jewels!

Ah, baubles, accessories… pretty shiny things that add just the right touch to your outfit. This week's project gave jewelry the spotlight rather than the finishing touch. We had a wonderful amount of submissions, which you should definitely check out. DIYs, organization techniques, and beautiful stories. It was a shame that some of them did not include the link to the project as per the instructions, so I couldn't share them (it would be unfair to those who did). Nonetheless, we had a wonderful assortment of jewels, and some interesting photography techniques as well! So do check them out!

IFB Project Roundup #92:
Show us your jewels!

You Are The Poet


Retro Spendthriftjewelry_display

Chelsea Tanisha


That's a Pretty Hat


Her Imagination


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10 Responses

  1. Tanya

    That was fun! I write about jewelry in 95% of my posts since that is what I do. It’s great to see it as the focus sometimes — poor thing usually gets a little sidebar mention!

  2. Alexa

    Thanks so much for featuring my post! This was a great idea for an IFB project! Thank you for all the information your site provides for bloggers.


  3. alicatstrut

    This is the first IFB project I ever participated in and I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. Plus I had a blast. Love “Retro Spendthrift” and “That’s a Pretty Hat!”

  4. Louise

    This was the first project I ever took part in too. I’m number 40, Wedded Bling and definitely included a link in my post.