Daily Inspiration: YOU create your own opportunities.


When an opportunity lands in your lap… where did it come from?

Sure, it might have come from another person thinking of you, but think about it. Why did they think about you? Was it your quality of work? Is it your work ethic?

Whatever it might be, the reason why the opportunity came your way, was because of the groundwork you've done. A brand wouldn't approach you to work with them if you didn't have a blog… so in a sense you've created the space for opportunity.

While you're working on your blog this week, think about the groundwork you do to allow those opportunities to come through. It might not happen this week, on on your imagined timeline, but they will come! Trust me!

What are some examples of opportunities you've made happen?

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4 Responses

  1. Clever Little Buttons

    This is so true! I do believe that if you put in the work the doors will open for you. I don’t have as much time as I would like to work on my blog, so I make sure that I lay my groundwork in small amounts and it is starting to pay off.
    Great dose of inspiration!

    Love C x

  2. E-M

    I’ve always believed that all those amazing things we have in our life – is it career, our hobbies, our success in it – it’s all made by US! There is really no such thing as opportunities that JUST come to you .. There is always some reason behind it and most likely you are the one and only reason 🙂 It’s such a powerful sentence but so motivational and inspiring. xo

    Much love to all,