Can You Actually Blog From Your Phone? 5 Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Answer.

Fashion Blogger on Mobile Phone

People who don't blog often think bloggers can blog anywhere, that we love to “Live Blog.” Those of us who blog know posting on the go is a bit more complicated than that, especially for fashion and beauty bloggers.

The fact is, we live in such a mobile, on-the-go world in which our phone is our lifeline and when our battery hits the 20% remaining marker, it's an immediate scramble to get it some  juice via a charge, stat! Reflecting upon last week's feature regarding how mobile phones are utilized to tweet, I was curious as to if it may be common practice to use the fifth limb, aka smartphones, for blogging-specific purposes. See below for how five bloggers do (or don't) deal with the act of writing and editing their sites from the handy mobile device.

Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot

What blog platform do you use? WordPress.
Do you ever write, edit, or post your blog's articles from your phone? Not normally, but if I'm on the go and find there's a mistake and I need to edit it immediately I can.
What kind of phone do you have? I have the iPhone 4S, but can't wait to upgrade to the 5.
How do you do it, i.e. what app, do you log into your site from the web browser, etc? If I desperately need to make an edit on my blog on-the-go, I log in right on the browser.  I normally strategize my week where I set aside a full day to write and also get writing done late at night so when I'm running around all day I don't need to worry about my blog content.  If it's fashion week or I'm attending an event where I need to put a blog post up right away, I bring my mini MacBook Air along and hop into a coffee shop immediately.  I also never leave home without my iPad mini, so my iPhone really serves microblogging purposes and oh yea, it's a phone!

Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected

What blog platform do you use? WordPress.
Do you ever write, edit, or post your blog's articles from your phone? Occasionally, I'll post from the WordPress app but until its recent update, I didn't like the way it formatted my articles and pictures. The updated version is more user-friendly, however it doesn't let you switch to visual mode and gets locked in HTML, which I don't like. I will use the browser or WordPress app if I notice a typo or something that needs to be corrected quickly.
What kind of phone do you have? The iPhone 4S.
Has being able to do this ever saved you in a pinch? Absolutely. Phones these days are like backup computers;  it's great to have the flexibility just in case.

Julie Wax, I Heart Heels

What blog platform do you use? Blogger.
Do you ever write, edit, or post your blog's articles from your phone? Only if there's a quick edit that needs to be made.
What kind of phone do you have? The iPhone 3G (on my last year before I upgrade to the 4…woohoo! ha).
Why not? My phone screen is way too tiny for me to handle writing a post…yikes. I've also found the iPad doesn't have all of the capabilities I like, so I usually stick to the tried-and-true laptop.
How do you do it, if you have to? If I have to make a small edit, I log onto from the web browser and go from there. I don't really like the Blogger app because it's not very user-friendly.
Has being able to do this ever saved you in a pinch? Being able to make these small edits has saved me in a pinch when I've needed to delay a post at the last minute and “unpublish” it, or if I need to publish something on the fly that was saved in my drafts. It's also been great for when I've noticed a typo that needs fixed. Since I'm a mom on-the-go, and can't take my laptop with me at all times, my iPhone is definitely a handy resource.

Christine Bibbo Herr, NYC Pretty

What blog platform do you use? WordPress.
Do you ever write, edit, or post your blog's articles from your phone? YES. Sometimes I approve comments or try to edit but editing gets a little tricky because it's such a small screen so I am always scared of hitting the wrong button that would mess up the post.
What kind of phone do you have? The iPhone 5.
What app do you use? The WordPress app.
Has being able to do this ever saved you in a pinch? Yes, answering comments is very helpful to do while on-the-go.

Jessie Artigue, Style and Pepper

What kind of phone do you have? The iPhone 4S.
What blog platform do you use? Blogger (but soon switching to WordPress).
Do you ever write, edit, or post your blog's articles from your phone? No. Why not? The blogger app is fairly cumbersome, and I get nervous that without being able to see the draft on a full screen, I'd make errors/etc. I wish there were more mobile-friendly options, but for now I stick to blogging while I'm at my desk.

Do you write or edit your blog from your phone?

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20 Responses

  1. Belinda WornOut

    I am not a “yes” or a “no”, but a bit of both. I take photos on my phone (iPhone 4S), and post the photos to our blog via the WordPress app. However, I can very rarely actually write a complete blog post on it: I can’t do links or insert web photos using my phone. So, I take photos and post them to the blog on my phone, but have to then complete the post on my laptop.

  2. Aimee

    I never use my phone either. I’m comfortable using my laptop so I wouldn’t want to switch. When I’m writing a post I also like being able to have different stores open in other tabs and sometimes a notebook out.
    xoxo Aimee of Bows&Beau-ties

  3. Donna

    Guilty! I write blogs on my phone all the time! I usually insert the pics from my computer, but have been known to insert them on my phone in a pinch.

    Yesterday I was blogging and driving because I forgot about a sponsored post! There was a lot of traffic….the PR team for the brand e-mailed me a big thank you and thought the features were great!

  4. Asia Mays

    Yes! I do what I call a “pre-post.” Setting up posts as I have thoughts, ideas, pics, I create something that will be considerably a framework that could lead to a full post either from the phone, depending on what’s going on, or just a starting point . However, its the best to have that app (wordpress).

  5. debiparna

    I am commenting from my android phone here. I find my phone helpful for publishing comments via my email or replying. I sometimes check out other blogs and comment.from here as well.

  6. Alexis Crawford

    I wish there were more personal bloggers or fashion bloggers on tumblr… It’s really easy to update on the go and to connect with followers ect..

  7. carmen

    no, the app blogger for iphone its really bad, because is dificult of used, and the images dont get the size that i like.

  8. Duckie

    For those who use the “blogger” platform, there is an app called BlogGo created by a blogger. I use this from time to time when I’m out and I get inspired to jot a quick draft down. It is fairly simple to use and I can easily edit it if I need to on my computer when I get home.

  9. Clever Little Buttons

    I sometimes make small corrections or accept comments etc on my phone, but it would cost me a small fortune to write a post on my phone! Nice to see I am not the only person who does like to login and just check everything is ok!

  10. Zamri

    I blogged from the phone quite a lot after Google released Blogger app for iPhone last year especially when I got something to say and it has to go online ‘immediately’. It has pro and cons. The pro, I’ve gotta do it right that moment when the topic is still hot, I can do it anywhere, everywhere and at any time. The cons is that, some images can’t really blown up to the exact width of my blog, and the sentences can’t be aligned properly (which somehow I’ve edited when I return to the PC). Nevertheless, blogging from phone is equally awesome!


    I’ve actually developed a steady system finally for my blogging, and do a lot of my blogging via my mobile and iPad, since I have a much busier schedule than I used to. I also use my laptop as well for more complicated, i.e. DIY collages, or longer written posts. /Madison

  12. Abby

    I will approve comments and edit any little grammatical errors I may have overlooked but anything else I have to do on my laptop. I like to clearly see my layout when posting.

  13. Rizuna Swon

    I’m using my Ipad all the time. To edit or delete some ‘mistakes’ in my post immediately. Or when I suddenly realize that my pics are too much or too quite. Besides, I have so many fashion app in it that directed to my blog. One of them is Polyvore. It’s easier to do it from polyvore app than from browser.
    By the way, can you tell me what’s the strength and weakness of both blogger and wordpress?

  14. Jamie

    Once in awhile I will post from my phone, but the Blogger app really isn’t that great. I also don’t like how it formats things, since I like to go into html and change things around and the app doesn’t really allow for too much of that. But it is nice to have the option of the app in case I just have a quick post or edit!

  15. Ariana

    I just recently upgraded to an iphone 4 from an Android. Soo much better. I have the WordPress app I’ve only used it so far to approve a comment and reply to comments. I agree it may be too risky to try to do an entire post. But it may be good if you come up with an idea for a post while on the go and want to draft a few sentences.

    Shopaholic Undercover

  16. Wilma Bullo

    Phone is very handy especially in editing and approving comments for me. But writing the whole post, I think I can not. Since I am a little bit of obsessive in editing my post especially in punctuation and grammars and I tend to miss it with small screens.