7 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Blogger


Chances are if you're reading IFB, then you are interested in becoming a better blogger. There are many, many blogs out there that dish out tips and tricks. Unfortunately, they don't always last that long, a couple of years then petering out. I get it, coming up with tips and tricks to improve your blog is not the easiest thing in the world, that said, there are those blogs that have been around for ages, continually coming up with useful tips to apply to your blog. That said, there are a few tried-and-true resources that have been around over the years and continue to give solid advice.

Here's what's on my reading list:

1. Copyblogger

At first, I wasn't much into Copyblogger, but over the years it's developed into my go-t0 resource when I have problems figuring out how to approach my writing, growing my blog and community and basically every problem I have when it comes to content development, Copyblogger has the answer for me. For fashion bloggers, you'll have to look for the similarities, but I swear by this site, it's solid. They give great tips on writing, developing sticky headlines, converting your readers into customers, and so much more.


2. PR Couture

You don't have to be a PR, or want to become a PR to appreciate the gold that lies in PR Couture. This site hits a little closer to home where it focuses on fashion, it also talks a lot about blogger campaigns from the brand's perspective. Which gives you insight into what brands and PRs are looking for in bloggers, and how they view success.

PR Coutre

3. Problogger

Ah, Problogger. This was the first site of it's kind that I really found useful. In fact, I always credit it for giving the inspiration to start IFB. There were a few years where founder, Darren Rowse did not write as much… and I missed his voice. Now he's back, though there are some guest posts, it still delivers a consistent source of blogging knowledge. ProBlogger

4. SEOmoz

To be honest, more than half the time, SEOmoz give tips that go over my head. That doesn't mean it's not worth it to add to your list. I take what I can from this site, and as it really helps put SEO into perspective with their handy videos. I also take inspiration by how they take a somewhat dry topic and make it upbeat. They also have a strong community, which also is interesting to see how they engage.


5. Seth Godin's Blog

Other than being incredibly smart and inspirational. I love Seth Godin because he tells it like he sees it. He doesn't sugar coat. At all. And it works. It's very rare to see someone who says controversial things like, “no one cares about you” and turn it into something truly inspiring.  He's been a big influence in how I've evolved as a blogger.

Seth Godin

6. Business of Fashion

Imran Amed's Business of Fashion has gone through an interesting evolution since they've gotten funding this year. Aside from beefing up their site, they've also increased their content. For those of you who don't subscribe to WWD, or are not willing to pay for a subscription, this site will keep you in the know about what's going on in the fashion world. They even syndicate content from Bloomberg and Associated Press,  along with their original content and Op-Ed pieces.  Business of Fashion

7. Chris Brogan

I look at Chris Brogan to see how he engages his readers, how he keeps on top of his content. He addresses topics like blogging fearlessly and engaging your audience. He also gives social media tips as well as blog business tips. Chris Brogan


What blogs to you read to improve your blogging?

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17 Responses

  1. Bianca

    I love SEOmoz and PR Couture. Crosby is an SDSU alumn so I have to support my aztec bloggers 🙂

  2. Fashion Studio

    Business of Fashion and PR Couture are great. But you obviously forgot about IFB! 😉 I think it’s the best resource for fashion bloggers and anyone who wants to improve their blog, start collaborating with brands, learn about the proper use of social media etc.

  3. Barbara McKinney

    I’m glad you include Chris Brogan in this article. Just like the others, I love the way he address his blogs and the way he engage in his audience.His blogs must serve as a “model” to those who want to become successful in blogging.Thanks for this post Jennine!

  4. laura redburn

    i haven’t heard of a couple of these! i often look up resources for tips, tricks and such when it comes to writing, seo and the like so it’s always good to have even more reliable sources to hand 🙂

  5. Nadya Helena

    I personally am into SEOmoz and Seth Godin. SEOmoz was VEEEEERY useful at my first times in the water of the fashion blogging world, when I need to know everything about SEOing. It still is useful until today and I love the graphic they present as well.

    eyeshadow illustrator

  6. CrissyM

    I ‘m an steady reader of BOF, PR Couture, and ProBlogger — they all are very informative. You forgot to include IFB in your list as it is also on my top reader list 😀

    As always I learn so much from IFB thank you so much!! 😀

    Graffiti Mimosa

  7. Nikki Hodum

    I can’t wait to look into these! My main source has always been (And will always be) IFB but I am excited that there are other sites out there too. To be honest, I never really thought about it!


  8. Melody

    Seth Godin is a complete maven. I love his book on Tribes. So insightful. Thanks for this list. There were a couple of folks on here I hadn’t heard of!

  9. Donna

    I love reading business of fashion – it’s such a great resource to learn more about the fashion world and not just the glitz and glamour of it all.

    Great share for other bloggers!