9 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Blog (As it is now)

quit your blog

You had the brilliant idea for a blog. You poured your heart and soul into it… it was so much fun. Then the newness wears off. The ideas dry up, and you're staring at a blank screen.

This has happened to me several times. I've started probably about four blogs that didn't go anywhere. And one that did go someplace, but I've seemed to have outgrown it, or just changed my values. One of the blogs I know there is something in it, and I just need some more time to actually do it.

When it's so easy to start a blog, it's tempting just to jump in, we've gone over the questions you should ask before starting a new blog, but what happens when the love runs out for your current blog?

It's hard to decide, part of me subscribes to the spirit of “love the one you're with” and “stick to it, it'll change.” Part of me thinks if it's not working, drop it. It's always possible that the idea just wasn't right, and it's  possible to keep trying in new ways.

But if you really don't know if you should quit you blog (as it is now) then look for these signs.

1. You haven't posted in a long time

How long has it been since your last post? You've taken a break for no particular reason. Why has it been two months since your last post?

2. You keep taking long breaks

There's always a reason why you can't post, vacation, finals, lent… spring cleaning. The reasons keep getting more and more random, and you keep having to take long breaks from your blog.

3. You are not having fun with your blog

It used to be so much fun to blog! You couldn't live without it! Nowadays, posting is more an obligation than a passion. It's not fun anymore. You're saying, “omg, I have to post!” instead of, “I can't wait to post!”

4. You can't shake writer's block whenever you think about posting

You're at the computer staring at the cursor, and you're hoping the words will come out, but they don't. You have nothing to say about your content and no matter how many tricks you try to shake writer's block, nothing comes to mind when it's time to post.

5. You resent your readers

Your readers drive you crazy, either they don't get your content, they miss the point, or they don't engage how you'd like. You don't love your readers and it's becoming obvious they don't love you. Your relationship with your readers is like that with a bad boyfriend. It's just not working out.

6. You don't know why you're posting anymore

You're able to churn out posts like no body's business. You're prolific, and everything seems to be going well.. except you've lost the point. You don't know why you love blogging, you wouldn't even read your own blog.

7. You can't make time for your blog anymore

You're busy, everyone's busy! There's no time to blog! Blogging takes too much time! Heck, who has time to blog when we have to do laundry? Every time you sit down to blog, something “more important” comes up and you just can't justify spending time on your blog.

8. You've changed, grown, your life is different and your blog's mission doesn't make sense to you anymore

When you started you were in college on a tight budget, now you are working at an awesome job and your life has really changed a budget blog for college students doesn't make sense to you anymore. Or you were single and spent a lot of money on clothes, now you're married with a kid on the way and buying a house… Or you started a maternity style blog while you were pregnant, and well, you had the baby. Everyone's life changes, maybe your mission just needs to change, or maybe start a new blog altogether.

9. You've discovered you'd rather read blogs than write them.

Once I started a vintage shop because I love vintage clothes. After about a month, I realized I would rather buy vintage clothes and write about them than sell vintage clothes. They are two separate things. Maybe you've just discovered that even though you love blogs, you just would rather read them than write one.

Don't worry!

If you're showing these signs, don't worry! It could just mean that the blog you have now is not the right one for you. I've started several blogs that didn't work out, but it didn't mean that blogging was a bust for me. Keep trying, and maybe it's just time to write a gratitude list about your current blog, and maybe you'll fall back in love with it, and these signs will disappear.

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  1. Daura

    I’m sure we’ve ALL felt this way. I just came back from a month long hiatus, but spent all of yesterday editing and posting a photo diary. I think I did it because I want to improve my photography skills, and having a small audience makes it more motivating.

    I believe that a lack of engagement from readers is the number one cause of our demotivation to post more. At least, that’s how I feel. I can see that I’ve got quite a few lurkers but few comments makes me feel like I’m hosting a party with no guests, as you guys have previously stated.

    I’m definitely on the brink of quitting. What I’ll do is push forward and just keep making content that I find is fun to create. We cannot please an audience with our blog if we aren’t pleasing ourselves!

    • Aimee

      Reader engagement is definitely fun to have. That’s why I always try to comment whenever I like a post or blog. I like to let bloggers ‘see’ that there are readers and they like their content.
      xoxo Aimee
      ps. just went to comment and follow your blog.

      • Daura

        Hehe thanks Aimee, that is so sweet of you. I saw your comment (^_^)

    • Jennine Jacob

      I hear you… engagement is a tough one, you never quite know how your content is resonating without comments. But rest assured, sometimes it the lack of comments keeps you trying different things to bring up the comment count. At least that’s how it worked for me. I remember the days of just wanting one comment, it was tough! Then the first person who started commenting was a creepy fetish guy, that was discouraging, but it all worked out eventually!

      • Daura

        LMAO nice story Jeannine. Hey, a comment’s a comment, right? 😛

        Yes, it definitely pushes me to try different things. From experience, the easiest way to gain comments is to comment on other blogs and hope that the blogger returns the comment, but somehow that returned comment doesn’t feel as awesome as if it were coming from a non-blogger 13 year old girl saying “OMG I am so inspired by your outfit!” Lol

  2. Prashh

    I have felt the same way several times. I started blogging 6 months back. All about fashion. That is coz I love fashion but for some odd reason I was not satisfied with my blogs and the content so I changed it three times. I know my blogs aint that great rite now and I do not have thousands of readers but I am working on it.

  3. Sandra at DebutanteClothing

    Boy did this hit home! I took a year long hiatus – yes you read that right. A messy divorce and time to heal and move forward was what I needed. Now that I am back, I struggle but I am realizing that my passion has changed a bit. That my focus for my blog is much different and I have even given myself permission to write more authentically and less frequently. In a few short months, I am back on page 1 of Google and my traffic is increasing every day. Sometimes a break is a good thing. And anything of value can always be brought back to life.

    I think trying new things often is all part of being an entrepreneur, which most bloggers are.

    Great post Jennine!

  4. Noemi

    I totally understand what Daura means… sometimes it’s frustrating that you put lots of efforts in a post and nobody comment. I don’t why, but for some reason, on my blog, some of my most popular posts don’t even have a comment! They’re still read after months, but nobody left a comment…

  5. Spikes&Studs

    Everything makes sense now. I’ve felt like this for a long time. Nothing makes sense anymore, posting has become an obligation rather than fun and my readers have felt that big time. My posts lately have been more “inspiration” posts and absolutely not personal. Life changes, money is tight, one gets really busy with work and realize that there are other things that needs priority. Life family, friends, dream work, life itself. I just hope that I’ll find a major reason to keep blogging and that this is just a temporary feeling. 🙂

  6. Juliana Bui

    Reading this post, I was pretty scared that I’ve experienced one of the signs (if that makes sense). I’m relieved that I don’t actually show any of the signs besides the one about getting about my readers. I think that we’ve all experienced that frustration of not getting any comments when we’ve spent hours on posts, but to me, it’s kind of an exception.

    – Juliana

    • Jennine Jacob

      That’s great! I mean, this post isn’t for everyone… I just kind of wrote it for myself, as I have a blog that I loved dearly, that I think I’m going to let go of.

  7. Bohmyi

    I think quitting a blog is a huge step and I haven’t experienced any of these signs yet, thankfully (granted, I only started up my blog a week ago). I think it’s great that you pointed out that blogging may still be for you, even if that blog in particular isn’t. x

  8. April

    I started my blog while I was pregnant with my 2nd. After the baby was born, I was thinking about stopping, but I still had the urge to blog. So I just changed my vision! Reevaluating and reflecting what you’re doing is always the way to keep moving forward.

    • Jennine Jacob

      That’s an encouraging story! I don’t know, I’ve changed how I think about my personal style posts since getting pregnant, may just have to refigure the mission. That said, I commend you for sticking it out! I do not want pictures of me right now (at 35 weeks).

  9. Julz

    This was very helpful! I feel more encourage than discouragement. Lets all help eachother out here with encouragement!


  10. erikarodica

    It’s sad going through the article and thinking that it might happen to me in the future. I do hope I don’t get burned out from blogging >.<

    🙂 Erika

  11. avni das

    As u take interest….u wil gain interest
    Take this as a part of your daily routine
    Your daily stuff gets stucked bt this goes onnnnn

  12. Josie

    I half closed my eyes as I read through the list. Luckily I don’t have these issues, but I think you nailed what the issues might be. I think I might have the opposite problem: addictive blogging 🙂

  13. Ariana

    Wow this post came at the right time. Unfortuantely, I have been notices some of the signs above. 🙁 I am only a few months away from being a year into blogging. I totally agree with what most have said. My main issue is engagement I feel like I am posting good content and not the engaged readers. Its discouraging to keep posting when nobody is engaged. I know another issue of mine is I am not happy with the look and layout of my blog. I am ready for a graphic makeover. I guess I will keep moving forward and stop comparing myself to other blogs and work on being happy with my blog. Its hard to blog about something you are not happy with. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Jenn Staz

      Ariana-I know exactly what you mean… if you don’t like the look of your own blog, having the motivation to continue with it can be extremely difficult. A blog redesign is a great idea. And sorry if this isn’t kosher… but I actually do blog designs for folks (you can read more on beforeten.com).
      I hope a blog redesign, no matter who does it, will inspire you to continue on, provided it’s the right thing for you!

      • Ariana

        Thank you Jenn. I appreciate your encouragement. I am still in the same position. I will look at your site thats great!

  14. The Science of Happy

    These are fantastic tips, I ticked all of them with my old blog and made the right decision to start a new one, one I am very proud of even though I have fewer followers. I like to keep my old blog online so I can see how I’ve developed as a writer and how I’ve grown as a person.


    • Jenn Staz

      That’s a huge thing that I’m going through right now. On my original blog (jennstaz.com), I started to gain some ground in terms of readership, but it ultimately I found I grew out of it for lack of a better term. I’m currently working on my new endeavor as well, and am struggling with starting at ground 0 again, but reading your comment and remembering I’ve grown as a person is important information to keep at the back of my head when I’m not getting a ton of feedback yet on my new site (beforeten.com)

  15. Jenn Staz

    This is a really great post. I think so many people are in the boat of “I have to blog” versus “I want to blog”. I myself have faced this several times as well. We’re all so afraid of looking like a failure, but ultimately if our blogging isn’t making us happy anymore (or, you’re right… if it’s making us UNHAPPY like a bad relationship can do..) then it’s time to call it splitsville.

  16. Sheryl Blasnik

    My back has now been pushed against the wall forcing my hand. I still LOVE blogging but now my WP Blog is a mess and needs about $300 to repair the damage. I am having problems placing photos in my posts and my WP Dashboard is super slow to load.

    I launched a blog because a fashionista friend said it would cost about $20 to do so. $300 is a huge chunk of change for a blog that hardly gets any comments and has NO paid advertising (Just rS links).

    Anyone know of a reasonably priced WordPress Web Developer who can take a look at my site and at least provide a FREE diagnosis of what the problem is?




  17. Donald

    Sometimes you just have to reevaluate your situation. About 2 years ago I started a blog but stopped because I was not passionate about what I was writing about and I didn’t have readers that were very engaging, but instead we using me as a place to share their links. About a year and a half later I decided to open up my own online jewelry boutique with my sister. That’s when I thought about starting a blog again, not to promote my products, but to share my love for fashion and the industry. I’ve been writing for over 6 months now posting everyday and am loving every day of blogging and if one day I don’t have the passion to write I won’t and my readers understand that because they too are the same.

    Shop: http://www.shopcharmant.com
    Blog: http://www.trescharmantxo.com

  18. Paula

    I go in and out of enthusiasm for blogging but find my most engaging posts with my readers are posts I was really proud of.
    I was having trouble getting readers when my blog was based in NZ but after my move to the UK it’s exploded – I don’t know what that’s about??

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.