5 Quick and Easy Article Ideas for When You Hit the Wall

hitting a wall

Some days, it seems like a brand new blog post just isn't going to happen. Whether you're dealing with Writer's Block, recovering from an illness, or you're just pressed for time due to life events, every blogger reaches a point in her career where she just doesn't have the resources to come up with that 1,000 word article that will change the world. So, until you get your bearings back, here are 5 simple ways to keep the content coming. And who knows? If the posts listed here turn out to be popular on your blog, you can always incorporate them into your regular content!

1. Interviews.

People love to be interviewed. Interviewing someone implies that they're an expert, and it's flattering to be regarding as an authority in your field. Interviews are also a great way to change up the voice, tone, and content of your blog, especially if there are topics you're interested in, but don't know enough about to cover yourself. And don't think you have to limit your questions to just the subject's brand! You can also interview someone about how to break into their respective industry or about a specific facet of their business (such as ethical production, social media, or crowdsourced design). While interviews can be conducted in person, via phone, or by e-mail, I often find that e-mail works best for most people. And remember to always be considerate of your interview subject's time; avoid repetitious questions, meandering questions, or questionnaires with 20 or 30 questions.

2. Shopping Guides.

We're in the fashion world, and what goes hand-in-hand with fashion? Shopping! Plan this feature around what you think your readers would like an easy, accessible guide to. If you're a local blogger, what about the best secondhand or vintage shops in your city? If you love floral print or gingham, why not put together a post of 10 different items all containing that element? Summer is almost here, and so shopping guides for swimwear, sandals, and sunglasses are right on-trend. Chances are, if you're wondering where to buy a certain kind of item, your readers are too. So help them out!

3. Lookbooks.

Are you getting digital press photos, lookbooks, or catalogs from your favorite brands? Why not showcase these photos in a trend feature on your blog? Readers love an inside scoop or a special sneak preview, and posting photos from a lookbook  is a great way to give it to them (assuming you have permission to share, of course!). If you've recently received a press packet from a brand, select a few of your favorite images and let your readers share in the thrill of discovery on your blog.

4. An Open Thread.

An open thread might seem like a bit of a “cheat,” but it can actually be really useful, especially because there are so many different formats an open thread can take. You can ask your readers for if they have any fashion or style questions that you'll answer in the comments. You can ask your readers for feedback on your blog or future ideas for articles or even for their favorite fashion advice. Your readers are a great resource of information. Let them show off their expertise and help add to what makes your blog great.

5. “Best of” Roundups.

Like the open thread idea above, this kind of post can take a lot of different forms. Some bloggers choose to do a weekly roundup of the best comments or best tweets they've received. Other bloggers compile a list of the best news articles in their niche or the best articles from fellow bloggers. You can even do a “Best of” roundup using posts from your own blog on a certain subject, topic, or idea. If you're feeling at a loss, this is a great way to condense a lot of information into an easily digestible format.

I hope these ideas help you out the next time you get writer's block! What's your go-to idea when you're having trouble writing? Share it in the comments!

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19 Responses

  1. Filipa

    Great post! When I don’t know what to write about, I mostly write about my inspirations or I post a simple diary with a few random photos.
    I think it’s a good idea to ask your followers what they like the most about your blog. That’s a good way to improve your content and communicate with your readers. I find the interviews and lookbooks also very interesting.

    Filipa from http://ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

    • Cora Harrington

      A diary post is a great idea! It’s nice to get a sense of what inspires and motivates our favorite bloggers.

  2. Paula

    Great ideas!
    I’m starting my new blog, its fun and I try to write of those things that catch my attention during the day 🙂

  3. Debbie Baker Burns

    I may use the “shopping guide” or “best of” tips. I always get ideas from these posts! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  4. Anastazja Oppenheim

    I tend to have a few spare posts, just in case I get the blogger’s block, or simply have no time to write anything new. I’d also consider making a round-up of awesome links around the web, or perhaps a wishlist (how easy that is! We all want stuff, don’t we?)

  5. Hey Mishka

    Yes, local shopping guides! Something I have been meaning to do. It’s about time I honor the fact that I live in the greatest city on earth. ;}



    • Hey Mishka

      P.S. For additional tips, it’s fun to cover some other elements of your lifestyle, like switching out a few things in your bedroom for a spring makeover and documenting the before/after or letting your readers know about your seasonal beauty regimen.


  6. Somdyuti Datta Ray

    There are many days when I’m really exhausted because of my school and studies and have little time to come with a kick-ass post for my readers. So instead of leaving my blog empty that day, I sometimes post a runway coverage, an easy tutorial from Youtube which might be helpful to my readers, or share some tips from a book I’ve recently read. And everytime these posts do (unexpectedly) really well.
    And then again there are some days when I don’t feel like writing about fashion. So I just write what’s on my mind. Share tid-bits about me, or just rant about the things I did throughout the day. Hehe but I’ve seen my readers consuming and relating to these irrelevant (stupid) yet fun posts equally well! 🙂

  7. Lauren Dinkens

    I love this post, I totally agree with you about interviews. When I’m in a pinch, I’ll pull a handful of quotes from past interviews with a common thread and make it into a list post. Product reviews are always quick and easy go-to’s for me. Best of award shows are a fashion bloggers best friend (the looks are already put together).

  8. Catherine

    This is really great advice. I also find that when I am stuck reviewing something helps. If you have a new blog PR people might not be sending you stuff but you can review things anyway and build a reputation. 🙂