11 Things Fashion Bloggers Can Do With Vine

fashion blogger using vine

Vine, the iOS iPhone, iTouch, and iPad app that lets users record a six second, edited video, has been garnering quite a bit of buzz, and a huge number of users since it's inception a mere four months ago. The video-sharing application allows the user to pause while filming, and offers built-in options to like, comment, and share to Facebook, Twitter, or even embed the link into content. Plus, with the latest bug fixes and updates, the camera can now be flipped so that “selfie” videos are easier to film, users can be mentioned in posts and comments, and searching for people or tags has become much easier. If you are already using Instagram, it's a seamless platform to get on board with, however, upon closer inspection of about 100 Vine accounts from people that I know who had signed up, about 75% of them had posted only 0-3 videos.

As any new device or platform goes, it may take some time to figure out how to make it best work for you and your brand, as well as find the time to use it. It's always a good practice to at least give a new, exciting form of technology a go, and with the knowledge and experience, decide how, or if, it will benefit your blog in the end. Crosby Noricks, fashion marketing consultant and founder of PR Couture, explains that,

“There are so many creative ways to begin to incorporate a Vine strategy into your content mix….Vine offers a new opportunity for fashion bloggers to begin to experiment with video, no editing software required. For fashion events, particularly, Vine allows bloggers to share not only static images but atmosphere; music, chatter, the clink of champagne glasses.”

Giving readers another dimension of interacting, this time via video, is truly quite a unique and enticing proposition!

What can fashion bloggers actually do with Vine?

Not sure yet what you would film with the Vine app? Kick start your creativity with these recommendations from Noricks:

  • Play around with short DIY tutorials
  • Promote your blog by having friends say the same phrase in succession
  • Show an outfit on a hanger, then on you, and then in motion.
  • Use Vine as an invitation for followers to visit your site
  • RSVP to an event
  • Show off your gift bag swag
  • Share your 5 must-have items of clothing
  • Create a daily style challenge for your readers with participation through Vine

I personally love using Vine to film as I open packages, so that the viewer and I experience the excitement of opening a box together, and like the quickened, to-the-point pace of showing how to DIY a particular beauty look (like this one my friend Dina Fierro of Eye4Style filmed of me demoing how to use a Goody Spin Pin).

A few other options that may be fun to try on Vine:

  • A “behind-the scenes Vine video” of taking your photos for a particular post (can include walking to the location, a quick stop-motion of the outtakes, perhaps the editing process, and a shot of the final pic)
  • Giving tiny tidbits (remember, you have just six seconds!) of fashion advice or quoting a fashion icon
  • Debunking some of the mystique of how you put together a look, i.e. if you start with shoes or a handbag and build around it.

Before you get too Vine-addicted, however, Noricks reminds and advises us that “Aside from incorporating Vine into your tweets, it's not going to be very effective as a traffic driver in the way that Pinterest and even Instagram can be. Hopefully these issues will be eliminated with future updates, but for now, continue to focus the majority of your content development on those platforms that have a direct line toward getting people to visit your blog.” At the end of the day, it's important to remember that Vine is a super fun way to share and engage, but only a six second, animated snapshot into our personal and blogging lives; getting people to easily head over to your site and spend even more time there should be the end goal of using these apps.


What kind of content have you been creating with Vine?
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10 Responses

  1. Marie McGrath

    I really love the idea of Vine because like you said it gives an entirely different perspective of things compared to just still photos. I like to use it to give sneak peeks of my daily outfits or to do silly dances anywhere and everywhere. If anyone would like to find me on Vine, my username is thejoyoffashion . See you all there!

    My blog: http://www.thejoyoffashion.blogspot.com

  2. Kenneth Jacobs

    Don’t knock it until you try it right?
    I’ve had it for about a month and a half, but didn’t necessarily know what to do with it. Now I’m going to brainstorm ideas to help implement Vine into my blog posts. Great way to have some video feeds on my blog too, Yay 😀


  3. Julz

    I guess I’m just going to have to get an iPhone 5 now… hahha
    Woot! Woot! (:

  4. Selina

    I’ve used Vine a few times now; a couple of times for unboxing new purchases which I think works quite well and for showing how to wear clothes differently. I have just done one which hasn’t been posted socially yet that shows me doing a stop-motion type dance but I change my top between every movement – so it looks as if the top changes colour, it’s funny and quite cool. I always have fun doing a Vine, this is my favourite so far – same pair of jeans worn in different ways http://www.miss-sj.com/1-pair-of-j-brands/

  5. Nina

    this is a great article! I love vine as well and have been using it more and more in the past. Sometime I just download free apps and play around with them a bit and vine was really growing on me fast.
    Another one I discovered like that is ‘My Runway’, a social shopping app.
    It’s free and makes shopping for fashion and accessories much easier for me. As vine, I use it on my iPhone but it is available for Android as well.

  6. Liz

    I love vine! I watch more videos then I make at this point, simply because I have a tendency to forget about making them. I would say the downside is that its a but harder to gain followers & likes on vine. But I plan to keep using it and see where it goes.

    If you want to “vine” me: @Liz Nordquist

    -Liz @ http://www.imwildcat.blogspot.com