9 Steps to Pump Up Your Pinterest Power


Remember when it seemed like everyone was on Pinterest? Last year's social media darling is still a force to be reckoned with, with over 30 million users and strong referral power that rivals Facebook. Bloggers and brands alike have pinned their way to new heights as far as engaging their community and finding new ways to express their creative selves. Even with social media newcomers like Instagram and Vine, Pinterest has a solid place in the world of sharing images online. Whether you're a pinning pro, need to bring your boards back to life (like me) or new to the game and maybe a little overwhelmed, I hope these tips help you to make the most of Pinterest as a blogger.

Think ‘vision board'

Pinterest can be best described as your digital vision boards. Pinners share images of things they aspire to, whether that's their next purchase, a new recipe they want to try, or places they'd like to see. It can also be considered a visual bookmarking tool, to save articles and other things you want to read later. I won't go into the ongoing copyright discussion, but just want to give Pinterest newbies the right frame of mind when thinking of what to pin.

Remember your core audience

Who's reading your blog, and what kinds of posts are they responding to? If you have yet to start pinning, a good place to start is by pinning the popular topics of your blog, like outfit posts (yours and other bloggers you like), trend reports or style editorials.

Expand your horizons

When your blog is focused on one subject, Pinterest is a fabulous way to show readers what else you're interested in. From your favorite NYFW runway looks to new recipes you want to try, your pins help your audience have a better understanding of you who are as a whole. And who knows – maybe all that pinning will lead you to your next blog post idea, or a whole new blogging venture altogether!

Stand tall, & pin your best images!

Studies show that when you pin vertical images (at least 800px), those get higher click-through rates than shorter or horizontal images. Now that you've got a trick of the trade, find your best images from your blog and pin those!

Use affiliate links

Pinterest is a great format to include affiliate links from rewardStyle, Rakuten Linkshare and the like. For example, when you're creating a board of your favorite swimwear looks for the season, you can add an affiliate link to that image so you'll get that credit if someone clicks on what you pinned. Affiliate links on Pinterest can be more subtle and less intrusive than plugging them into text links in your blog posts.

Good karma

Re-pinning (It's since been renamed, but we'll still call it that) and commenting on brands' or other bloggers' pins is yet another great way to break the ice and build relationships with them. In turn, while you don't need to thank everyone for a re-pin, make sure to respond to everyone who leaves a comment on one of your pins.

Sprinkle in some SEO strategy

Just like any responsible blogger, you need to measure what you're doing to know if it's worth your time. Remember, Pinterest images are indexed by Google too! While it's good to be witty and fun in your pin descriptions, it's also smart to describe that image accurately, using optimal keywords. If you're interested in seeing what people are pinning from your site, you can verify your blog and install Pinterest's Web Analytics tool.

Go for longevity

You know how you see a tweet or Facebook update, then hours later it's buried under thousands of other updates? Quite the opposite is happening on Pinterest. You've got a streaming home feed, but images will often be more ‘evergreen,' meaning they are seen for a much longer period of time. This is where those keywords in your pin descriptions come in handy. Do it right, and people who are searching for that keyword will see your image for weeks after you first pinned it!

The not-so-basic basics

It's all about visuals on Pinterest, so make sure your profile has the freshest and cleanest images around! Upload your headshot or logo for a profile picture. Choose compelling images for your board covers – or create custom ones (I'm a fan of Pattern Daily's.) Reorganize your boards so the most active ones are top left and onward. Your profile shows the top 3 users you've repinned on the top right side – and users can glance at that to get a glimpse of users who have a similar pinning style to you. Make sure those are 3 great ones!

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How much time are you spending on Pinterest lately? Let me know, and give us a link to your Pinterest profile!

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22 Responses

  1. BeachThursday

    I love how you describe Pinterest as a Vision Board, that`s exactly what it reminds me of. It`s also see it as online shopping but without spending money, but still fun! I`m spending quite some time on there and sometimes have to pull myself away from it. My Pinterest profile is: http://pinterest.com/beachthursday/

  2. Elaine C

    Love Pinterest as a platform of all the beautiful images all laid out in one place. Easier on the eyes! It’s a great way to organize ideas from outfits to your home.

  3. Vanessa Jane Holburn

    I am never off Pinterest! As a parenting blogger I use it to promote my blog (I have a group board for ‘best blog images’ if anyone is interested…).

    I also run a couple of Pinterest accounts for others (one for an arts mag, the other a non-profit animal org) so am pinning on their behalf, building community etc. Although logging in and out as different pinners is a bit crazy!

    Find me there:

  4. Cora Harrington

    Just a quick note on affiliate links…there are several platforms Pinterest doesn’t allow affiliate links from! I also wonder about your thoughts when it comes to disclosing which pins are affiliates and which are not to your potential followers.

    Anyway…don’t forget to see who’s *already* pinning from your site! Just use the format: http://pinterest.com/source/insertyourbloghere.com/

  5. Adri VelBac

    I can’t say a specific amount of time a day, I rather focus about ‘not missing’ the chance of pinning great imagery while I’m blogging, researching or reading… I think this way you give your followers ‘fresh’ visuals..

    mine is http://pinterest.com/adrivelbac/ 🙂

    great post, tanks!
    Adri VelBac

  6. Natalia

    My boyfriend is jealous of Pinterest, even if I cook better now. I really spend a lot of time on it, at least half an hour a day I think. It is just such a good therapy for my eyes!


  7. Paula

    I love pinterest, there is always beautiful pictures and great inspiration for looks and posts.

  8. Ariana

    Great! I don’t use Pintrest to the fullest I was wondering how to get the most out of it and benefit my blog. I will use the tips you listed here to improve my Pintrest profile and boards.

    Shopaholic Undercover

  9. kate @ undeniable style

    I have a couple strategies that I’m using these days!

    1. I’ve made it a habit to pin at least 10 items a day, with a couple of them being product links via reward style/shopsense.
    2. I also try to limit self-promotional pins to a few a week. If you bomb someone’s pinterest feed with too much of anything, whether it’s unicorns, workout plans, or pictures of yourself, they’ll scroll right past it and you won’t get the engagement you’re looking for! Variety is the spice of life.


  10. Ashley Taylor

    Pinterest is the greatest thing in the world and these are great tips 🙂 Thanks!

    xo Ashley