How to Identify What Makes Your Blog Unique


What makes you unique?

Every time someone asks me that question, all the thoughts yammering around my brain go, “poof!” then nothing. I freeze. This coming from someone who was literally voted “Most Unique” in High School.

Having a high quality blog is not enough. If your blog is like every other one out there, it will be difficult to stand out. Sure, it will be successful, have a good readership, which for some is good enough. However, an IFB Poll revealed that a good portion of bloggers wish to become professional or super-famous. This requires more than just being “good” it means standing out from the crowd.

Why do you need to identify what makes your blog unique?

  • To brand your blog effictively
  • To have a clear mission for your editorial content
  • To give your readers a reason to come back to your blog
  • To explain why or how your are different for press and business opportunities

How do you identify what is unique about your blog?

Research other blogs

Look at all the other blogs out there. How do they address their niche? How do they brand themselves? What makes them different from other blogs? Is there anything from their niche that you can apply to your blog, or already applies to your blog? This is important, because rarely does someone come up with an original idea. I see it all the time, a blogger complaining that someone “copied” them when their blog was not the first to cover a particular topic or even have that particular name. Know your digital landscape before making claims!

Brainstorm a list describing your blog

Even if you just started, describe your blog in list form. Just write what comes to your mind, don't worry about making sense (yet). What type of content do you write? How do you approach your subject? How useful is the content to your readers? Is you content more of a personal journey?

Draft a mission statement

Using your list, draft up a mission statement for your blog. A mission statement is a few sentences describing the purpose and objective of your blog. In other words, what you think your blog is about.

Ask another person to describe your blog

Now that you have an idea of what your blog is about, it's time to start asking around. I was shocked last year when people started to tell me what IFB was about (a site to feature bloggers), when it was never my purpose to make this site about what they saw in IFB (a resource to help bloggers achieve their goals). To me, it became clear to shift the content to align more with my vision, but I would have never known until a few people started telling me what they saw in the site.

Poll your readers as to why they read your blog

Like point above, it's good to get a clear idea of how other people perceive your blog, and who better to ask than your readers. Your readers are making a choice to come to your blog instead of other blogs. Do a survey to see why they come to your blog. The answer might surprise you.

Identify the differences between what you think of your blog and what others think

There may be differences in self-perception and the perception of others, there may not. But this is a good time to see where your vision is, and also see why your blog is different. You can use this information to identify opportunities and hone in on your uniqueness.

Rewrite your mission statement

Now that you have identified your blog's purpose, how others perceive your blog and how it fits into the community, now is a good time to rewrite your mission statement. Are there big changes? Were you spot on from the beginning? Here you can articulate what makes you different from the rest.

Now, when people ask you what makes your blog unique, you can tell them with confidence.

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16 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Recently I have been thinking about what makes my site stand out. I have been fine-tuning a great many things and in the next couple of weeks will have a proper list of why my site is unique.


  2. April Hobby

    Uniqueness is important to be successful in the blog sphere. When I first started blogging around 2011 I felt like my Blog content was like everyone else. It wasn’t until September 2012 that I decided to change my blogs content. Now I feel happy and proud that I blog about real issues women go through while still talking about fashion,beauty, style and entertainment news. It takes time develop your unique voice in the blog sphere.

  3. Katerina Stavreva

    Probably the most important thing about a blog.. If anyone would like to give me some criticism/thoughts on my blog’s uniqueness, I’m happy to do the same for you!

  4. Kenneth Jacobs

    I have yet to write a mission statement for my blog site. But I believe writing words describing my blog would help me with my mission statement. Is there a trackback link to posts with example mission statements, or is there anyone willing to share?

    Thank you,


  5. Maria Von Losch

    My blogs mission has always come from the same mission “to be savvy” but it has morphed over the past year. I experimented with different topics and categories to find out what grabs readers attention to my blog. Come to find out my readers really enjoy my savvy style tips, especially when I do videos on my Youtube channel. Don’t be afraid to test things about but stay true to your voice. Nobody can replicate that.
    xo, Maria

  6. Juliana Bui

    I’ve always wanted to be unique with whatever I’m doing, and my blog’s no different. Lately, I’ve been kind of stumped when I try to come up with reasons why people might visit and revisit my blog. So thank you for the tips on a few ways to figure that out!

    – Juliana

  7. Vita

    Yeah, good point. Sometimes, I feel like all the bloggers over there is sharing one wardrobe. Remember that Zara white fold over skort? It was all over the place! What’s the point?

  8. Ariana

    This is a great post! So helpful, I just started transitioning my blog from a fashion blog to more of a personal lifestyle blog about fashion, food, travel etc. Now I will have to rethink all of what you stated.

    Shopaholic Undercover

  9. Ebenezer


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  10. Ebenezer


    I’m the social media rep. for a new fashion leather Accessories Company based in Georgetown, D.C., O’Bazzië Classics. We are in search of fashion bloggers willing to feature us on their blog sites. Please, feel free to contact us if interested: Feel free to visit us on Instagram: @obazzieclassics


  11. Qaisar Abbas

    Thank you so much giving these ideas, I am wondering since many days for writing articles for my website. but I’m unable to do it because of guidance and ideas for an article. I want to write unique articles for my Website. I need little more help. But I’ll start today .. thank you. 🙂

  12. Carla

    This article is great. I am in the process of writing a mission statement and had no idea where to start.